Booking Glitch Allows You to Book Aeroplan Awards for Fewer Miles

Turning the mike over to Matthew:

There is a pricing glitch going on right now at Aeroplan where business class awards are pricing at the economy class level and first class awards are pricing at the business class level.For a look at the Aeroplan award chart, click here.

Of course that means there are some sweet deals right now to be had. A mini RTW trip in first class for 125K miles or a trip from North America to New Zealand via Europe for 80K miles  in business class are just two examples.

The Aeroplan folks are smart and I expect this deal to be gone in a few hours, but for now the booking floodgates are wide open on Aeroplan’s website and even apparently at their call centers, where the computers are also pricing out the itineraries incorrectly.

In the coming days it will be interesting to see if Aeroplan tries to “correct” the awards that were booked at the improper mileage levels. I doubt it, because I do not see anything in the program terms and conditions that would allow it.

I’ll add that American Express Membership Rewards points generally transfer instantly to Aeroplan. So check to see if the award you want is available and pricing at a discount, and you may be able to make a transfer and nab it. Of course, with several Star Alliance partners you’ll pay fuel surcharges in addition to taxes for the privilege.

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  2. The first rule about Fight Club, is that you don’t talk about Fight Club.

    Abusing mistake fares is the surefire way to ruin them everyone, thanks for broadcasting it to the public.

  3. @DBest (1) it was posted on FLYERTALK and on another blog. You’d blame ME for overpublicizing it? (2) If people didn’t know about it without reading this blog, they couldn’t have taken advantage of it otherwise, I surely didn’t ruin it for THEM!

    I guess my point is, sorry that I didn’t leave the information in your exclusive hands (or that of the readers of 350k members of Flyertalk 😛 )

  4. For every hater, Gary, there are 20 (or more) of us that appreciate the information. Thanks for alerting us to this. Get on it while you can… Right place, right time – that’s the first rule of FT.

  5. LH availability on CO/AP is different from that on ANA. Try SFO-MUC-DEL on Dec. 7 on all three in F. ANA shows nothing but CO/AP show it without any problems.

  6. @abcx I’ve seen some phantom availability on CO/AP though, which won’t actually book. Have you managed to complete a booking when ANA shows unavailable?

  7. Thanks a million (or 50K points in this case) Gary! I have been looking to book a trip and was ticked that I got my dates mixed up and missed booking before fuel surcharges. Now I’m glad I waited. Just booked a dream mini-rtw trip in First/Business with stops in IST, BKK and NRT for 125K.

  8. got some help, and now i am off to zurich with the mrs for 120k in business for both of us. time to see the alps. thank you very much!

  9. Thank you, Gary, for ignoring that elitist Fight Club mantra.

    I have noticed a lot of phantom availability on CO/AP lately but every time I try too book one of those seats that ANA says unavailable, the Aeroplan agent eventually realizes it is not available.

  10. I am the social media community manager at Aeroplan. We wanted to let you know that Aeroplan is offering special mileage levels to select travel regions/destinations for a limited period of time.
    Members may book these flight reward tickets online or thru the contact center (booking fees apply). This sale is not a website glitch and this offer could end at any time.

    Thank you.

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