BOOKMARK THIS POST: Here’s a Link That Still Works for the 50,000 Mile Bonus US Airways Credit Card

A few days ago I explained the wind down schedule for the US Airways credit card, with the Dividend Miles program being folded into American AAdvantage.

Barclays was only able to issue new cards for the Dividend Miles program. Existing cardmembers get to keep their cards and are transitioned into Barclays-issued American AAdvantage cards.

But new AAdvantage personal credit cards can only be issued by Citibank.

But just because Dividend Miles is over as a program, doesn’t mean that the US Airways credit card application links are gone. They’re only ‘mostly gone’.

Most US Airways links are dead.

In my earlier post I explained that ‘remind later’ feature on the application would generate a link that would still allow applications for 30 days.

This link still works at least as of this writing. I would expect it to remain valid for a few more weeks, but there are no guarantees.

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  1. Thanks for that link. My daughter got instantly approved and also my friend and his wife.

  2. The form says,

    “If you are a current member of the US Airways Dividend Miles Program, please enter your member number below. This number will be printed on your credit card. If you’re not a member, leave the field blank and we will assign you a number. Please do not enter an American Airlines AAdvantage number as it will not be accepted.”

    Does anyone know if this is still true now that the programs have merged? I don’t have DM account. I do have an AA. Will they assign me a DM account? Will I be able to link it to my AA?

  3. When is the number assigned? I recommended several people to apply for the card and by now most have paid their annual fees, but they don’t know where to find their miles.

  4. I was mistaken on my last post. Please ignore/delete. (I received the us.airways email confirmation shortly after the citi AAirways email)

  5. Any idea if this is still working after the accounts have been merged? Just not sure how this will work since after the USAirways account are no longer and have been merged to AA. Anyone apply for this as of April 3? Thanks.

  6. I applied for my husband on 3/30 and he was denied. He called reconsideration and the rep said this offer is for new cardholders only. He tried to HUCA but the 1st rep had his account locked so the 2nd rep couldn’t get in.

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