Border Security Officer Arrested With 12 Kilos of Cocaine

Yesterday I wrote about 31 pounds of cocaine being discovered in the nose of an American Airlines aircraft. It’s not the first time that’s happened, with an American Airlines aircraft, at the Tulsa maintenance base on an aircraft originating in the same city.

Last year a JetBlue flight attendant was caught smuggling cocaine.

Flight attendants and aircraft make great mules. They’re traveling from one country to another and if you have access to them they may get less scrutiny entering a foreign country.

But if a passenger is going to be the mule, they’re the dumbest drug runner in history if the plan is to get off the plane and leave their stuff in the restroom for someone else to pick up. It helps a little bit if the someone else is a border officer. But that didn’t help at Paris-Orly (HT: stimpy).

Paris-Orly Airport

Thanks to Google translate:

Customs officers arrested a 24-year-old security aide on Wednesday morning at Orly airport. The policeman was caught red-handed while retrieving a cabin baggage filled with 12 kilos of cocaine in the airport toilets.

A passenger on a flight from the West Indies left the case of coke in the restroom. The ‘security aide’ was a part of the border police.

Paris-Orly Airport

See, the JetBlue flight attendant and Paris border officer getting caught are reasons why you swallow the drugs. Or whatever else you’re trying to smuggle, like gold bars. If you leave your contraband in the aircraft’s lavatory or in the airport’s restroom, you’re likely to get caught. But if you swallow your contraband, you at least get great x-rays.

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