British Airways First Class Bed: “More Comfortable Than Our Own At Home” [Roundup]

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  1. If any bed on any airplane worldwide is more comfortable then your bed at home… you desperately need a new bed. That’s the BEST part about going home

  2. TPG should just shut down their “no free speech allowed” credit card referral website that masks as a blog and go all-in on TikTok. It’s a match made in heaven, as one can see from the example above. Idiots masking as experts serving short click-baity videos to the uneducated masses. Brilliant.

  3. Now that’s something I would pay to see, see it to believe it, or should I say, sleep it!!More comfy than your own bed at home, wow!!

  4. Say what you will about BA international F, upgrades from CW are often reasonably priced and I will take it and enjoy it when I can. Though AF La Premiere is my favorite. I’m not often on the ME routes.

  5. @ Lee

    And VFTW is not?! (So what, anyway).


    “I receive compensation for many links on this blog… If you’re going to get a new credit card, and most readers probably should (a few times a year!) then please consider using my links for those cards….”

    And also to note that in some countries (such as Australia) you would risk being legally non compliant, if you wrote “most readers probably should (a few times a year!)” due to limitations on both offering financial advice and encouraging irresponsible lending…;)

  6. @ L3

    If TPG team did indeed receive a free flight from BA, yes, absolutely that should be made clear.

    However, when you go to the actual website and read the recent BA first review (which appears to match the video) it states in that article:

    “We booked this flight using 68,000 Avios plus $649 in fees, taxes and surcharges for an off-peak date”.

    FWIW I’ve travelled on BA first a number of times using various frequent flyer point currencies (AS, QF, BA, AA) (multiple NRT-LHR and LGW-BDA, SYD-LHR, LHR-SYD, LHR-SJC, LHR-HKG) and always enjoyed the product and service: on all flights all crew members were exemplary, which can ultimately make the difference no matter which airline you are lucky or smart enough to find yourself flying first…;)

  7. @platy: Don’t be so credulous. This is the most fawning, uncritical review possible. No mention of the age of the hard product. No mention of the (largest in the industry) “fuel surcharges” (as they use to call them.

    Would you write this…
    “the seats have so much space…”

    See the comments here for the impressions of some wizened old hands:

    BTW: I have some seafront acreage for sale in Louisiana if you are interested?

  8. @ L3

    I’m not necessarily supporting the opinion of TPG – I accept that it is a fawning review (I can cite many examples of such across any number of frequent flyer blogs, which is no surprise since they are selling credit cards and are generally upbeat on the value of miles / points and the travel experiences, which they can solicit). I also have the direct experience of travelling BA first (and a number of other airlines) on any number of occasions to draw upon.

    I am questioning the presumption that a fawning review is PROOF that TPG received a free flight for cash for their TikTok video from BA.

    TPG claim that they redeemed points (and paid the cash carrier charges).

    So you are accusing them of:

    1. Receiving cash and / or product from BA
    2. Failing to declare such
    3. Lying about how the flight was paid for

    You have NO direct evidence to make such a claim.

    If you are wrong, you risk slandering TPG.

    If you are wrong, you have also fallen into @ Gary’s trap of periodically seeking to discredit a rival travel blog.

    To note that the FT discussion you cite offers two points of view (so don’t prove your position), including the opinion that BA does not sponsor such content.

    FWIW and IME some of the “wizened” folk on FT are stuck in a rut and full of BS.

  9. L3

    “wrong on pretty much all counts.”

    If you belief such then provide the evidence to support your point of view. Hint – you can’t. That’s because you are full of BS and can’t argue your case (you’re too dumb and incompetent to summon a cogent position).

    “You simply cannot think”

    Dunno, mate. There are conflicting explanations and no deciding evidence. The rationalist understands that. You do not. You have embraced one point of view with no concluding or substantive evidence. Rationalist, you ain’t fella.

    But a smart analysis might conclude that you have more to lose than I do.

    If you are wrong and have maligned both TPG and BA you have a bad habit (subscribing to an anti-TPG and BA narrative) that might sooner or later catch up with you because you are potentially engaged in slander (trashing their respective reputations publicly without defending evidence).

    If you are right, you may be tempted into the avoidance of highly enjoyable point / mile redemptions on BA using OneWorld aligned miles / points (and especially when alternatives don’t exist).

    Loser- loser either way. And you think that’s smart? Lost sheep following the flock bleating TPG bad, BA bad…Pass me the blue heeler cattle dog to round you fools up for a good fleecing…

    Grow up kid.

  10. @ L3


    And that, my friends, is the sound of a brainless bug blundering into a fly zapper bulb believing they’ve found the light and only to become entrapped by their failure to observe and process the world around them…zzzzzz…! Another DRWA bites the dust…

  11. Who wrote the review? At first I thought “Any Spirit or Frontier frequent flier”, but would they have access to spell check?

    The converse of the accusation that TPG is just paid product placement is almost worse. What if they wrote that fawning, sadly self-revelatory review for free?

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