British Airways First Class Passenger Was So Large It Took 3 Hours And A Hoist To Deplane Him [Roundup]

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  1. you wrote the following: British Airways First Class Passenger Was So Large It 3 Hours And A Hoist To Deplane Him

    “it” what??? Why do you have to be so lazy? You seriously left out the main word in this title. Do you just never proofread? Are you satisfied with being mediocre?

  2. dont need pictures. don’t need shame anyone. this pax attempted to do the right thing by buying the biggest seat on the aircraft and short of buying private flights, not much else can be done. struggling to see why this is news, especially when you think how bad LHR services are for pax with mobility issues..there is your real story.

  3. @Ray. Mistakes happen. I knew what Gary meant. Every now and then, as hard as I try, a blooper will get out from me too. I try to proofread but it happens. It can be a little embarrassing but no federal offense so I get over it. I suggest you and Jason do the same. As for the Texan insults I don’t appreciate them. The only thing stupid here are your remarks. Stupid and prejudice. I attended school in Texas and they followed up on what I had already learned at home. I can read, write (including cursive), count and spell. As far as speaking correctly I can do it. But why put on airs? I’m Texan (southern) so I talk that way y’all. And ding danged if I ain’t proud to be a native born and bred Texan. God bless Texas.

  4. How long did it take to board this individual? Why doesn’t BA have a system to monitor the size and weight of a passenger before they even buy a ticket? With the issue of people getting larger, you would think that all of the airlines would start paying attention to this issue, and start requiring the height and weight off all passengers at the time they are buying a ticket. You weigh the baggage going onto to your planes and charge for bags over weight and if you have extra bags, but nothing for passengers who need 2 economy seats because they are oversize.

  5. Delta plane maintenance has been horrible for the last six months. I’ve had several first-class domestic flights with broken tray tables that couldn’t be fully extended.

  6. Zoiks, Jason, is the heat getting to ya ? I’m with Carol, for sure Gary missed a word, although Google that and you’ll find dozens of medical journal articles on how the human brain can easily breeze through missing and jumbled words. Good thing, too, given that spell check will often take a correctly spelled word and misspell it. In any event, it’s tough to criticize the author of a entirely free travel blog, who puts in a huge amount of effort on behalf of folks like you and me, just so we can enjoy and learn from it.

    As for Marv, get a life: This is a travel blog and your comments are radically inappropriate and not welcome here.

  7. I think the new policies for Centurion access have reduced crowding. I’m at IAH right now and it is half empty. I do know some military families that used to use it that no longer do because no way they hit the spend for guests.

  8. Told that clownster who questioned me on why Hyatt dumped Mgm. They wouldn’t share backend data.

  9. I just flew LAX-WAW (with LOT in an empty business cabin – quite nice) and stopped by the Centurion lounge on my way to the Star Alliance lounge, just to see if the crowding had gotten any better. It had not. The Centurion was a total mess – VERY hot and humid, super crowded and lackluster food. As usual.

  10. @Alan I went all through this issue on another post. I didn’t think everything through before I spoke. But now I’m ready. I can see where having another person spilling over in your seat and/or having body odor would be annoying. I wouldn’t like it. But I still feel empathy for overweight people and I agree that if the airlines had not kept shrinking the seats maybe this wouldn’t be a problem. Your mouth alone would need to go on a cargo plane.

  11. Serious question — how did he get on the plane if he can’t get off without removing the door?

  12. At some point, a regulation will have to be introduced for people who cannot fit in a seat. Don’t anyone get on me about airline seats. We all agree that they’re not the biggest in the world but… Not trying to shame anyone but in case of an accident which requires emergency egress, this guy is gonna die! There is only so much that others can do before having to save themselves at the expense of this one (or more) passenger(s) “largesse” (no pun intended!)

  13. “Volumetric” (from British Airways statement or was it PYOK?)
    is my new favorite word!
    “No more volumetric shaming!”

  14. Ray and Jason: trying to figure out the context from Garys typos is half the fun!
    He is typo legend!
    I suggest you request a refund…..


  15. The passenger was able to get onto the plane. He also bought the largest seat available. Because of all the fancy stuff you can’t buy TWO first class seats and sit in both. He then got stuck because the seat was too small. Door taken off to allow access for hoist. NOT for actual passenger. If you must comment, READ the info first.

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