British Airways Forced Hillary Clinton to Gate Check Her Bag

New and notes from around the interweb:

  • Hillary Clinton was forced to gate check her bag flying British Airways Club Europe Dublin – London City airport. That’s what happens when you arrive planeside in a VIP car and are last to board…

  • American Airlines takes longer to get back up and running during irregular operations than competitor airlines.

    Dennis Tajer, an American pilot and spokesperson for the Allied Pilots Association, which represents the company’s pilots, said airlines like Delta and Southwest have innovative scheduling programs that automatically reroute and reschedule flights delayed by weather or mechanical issues. But American’s schedule has to be manually updated, which invites human error and takes much longer, he said.

    “The other airlines are battling the same storm, but they’re back up and running in hours. American takes two to three days to get back and running,” Tajer said. American’s executives “have not invested in that and it will take them years to get that up and running. … It’s the world’s largest airline and you can’t figure out how to do day-to-day operations? We are at a loss to understand why management cannot get this done.”

    An airline spokesperson did not dispute the criticisms and said the airline is working on making improvements.

  • The Department of Homeland Security Inspector General says it’s too easy to get approved for Global Entry (.pdf) (HT: Ari)

  • I’d kill for this from a US airline in domestic first class but customers are complaining that Garuda Indonesia is serving Japanese fast food from HokBen in domestic business.

  • Why the US is behind Europe and China in 5G deployment

  • But what’ll they do when their one year Business Platinum card membership runs out?? (HT: reddit)

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  1. actually she is a bag ,and when checking her,it should have been into a mental institution

  2. LOL. When you are no longer relevant and can no longer sell influence, your crime and bribe machine dries up and you have to fly commercial.

  3. “That’s what happens when you arrive planeside in a VIP car and are last to board…”

    And flying the worst non-LCC carrier in Europe

    Which apparently no longer appeases anyone ranging from VIPs to nobodys

  4. @Dean Totally lame . You made yourself look 100% childish and as a moron. Your parents would be so proud of you for that comment.

    @AK Build a Bridge and get over it. Donald Duck lost the popular vote.

    This is about TRAVEL People not mud slinging being bullies.

  5. The bag probably has an email server in it.

    I don’t get this though “But what’ll they do when their one year Business Platinum card membership runs out?? (HT: reddit)”

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