British Airways Pilot Suspended for Doing the Worst Thing I’ve Ever Heard Of

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From the perspective of an airline passenger this about tops them all when it comes to crew behavior inflight. And it’s not even an Air India pilot.

A 51 year old British Airways Boeing 777 captain is under suspension after pictures emerged of him pleasuring himself in the cockpit inflight. One more than one occasion. While wearing stockings. And with porn spread out across the controls.

They reveal a pervy airman in stockings taking lurid selfies of his aroused manhood.

One image shows a leg sprawled over the dashboard while the plane appears to be on autopilot and with the co-pilot’s seat empty.

In another, an airman spreads his stocking-clad legs over the joystick while revealing himself.

A further sordid snap shows the man with his genitals exposed in a cabin’s toilet.

Other images show a pornographic magazine spread on the controls and explicit playing cards scattered around the cockpit.

There are plenty of photos if you really want a look though let me warn you, you’ll never be able to un-see it.

One of the airframe registrations seen in the photos is of a Boeing 777 delivered to BA in 2000. The plane has most recently made regular runs to Bangkok, Bangalore, and Buenos Aires along with some occasional trips to the Caribbean.

The other 777 whose registration is pictured in photos was delivered in 1998 and has recently been to Atlanta, New York, Tel Aviv, Moscow, Delhi, Boston, and Dubai.

Boeing 777 Cockpit

Though it appears to be this particular captain in the photos, his lawyer is invoking the Shaggy Defense.

He’s lucky to be only suspended. Passengers in his situation are investigated by the joint terrorism task force.

Unsuspecting Passengers at London Heathrow Waiting to Be Taken To Their Captain

The mystery here is how he could have done it? If he was inflight there presumably would have been someone in the cockpit with him, at least any alone time should have been insufficient to take off pants, put on stockings, and spread out porn. Unless he had a co-conspirator. I tend to think this must have happened on the ground. But… more than once?

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  1. Statistically speaking if you fly frequently the odds of a captain having once masturbated while in command of your flying tube are quite high.

  2. Gary, if this is the worst thing you have ever heard of going on the cockpit then you need read some of the books out there written by former pilots. I certainly can tell you some stories from my days in the AF, certainly not here but you can email and we can chat !

    While I agree this is pretty sick, it in no way surprises me and I am sure none of the other former pilots that read your blog. I mean, really Gary.

  3. Masturbating is the worst thing you can think of? I can think of many worse things, like what a few muslim dudes did in a cockpit a little while back.

  4. You wouldn’t expect a surgeon to masturbate in the operating theatre while performing an operation; this is no different. If this is true it is a total disgrace. Although it seems from the comments here this doesn’t come as a surprise, so to speak.

    Also on many medium-haul BA flights, e.g. to Caribbean, US east coast, they usually only have two on the flight deck. So quite possible that one of the crew would be left alone for long enough to do something like this. Thankfully my next BA flight is very long haul on an A380!

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