British Airways Visa 100,000 Mile Signup Bonus is Back!

Note that I do not receive referral credit for this offer at the time of this writing.

British Airways and Chase are back with a 100,000 Avios signup bonus. (Update: No longer available.)

  • You will get 50,000 bonus Avios after $2,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening.2
  • 25,000 bonus Avios after $10,000 in purchases within the first year of account opening.2
  • Plus an additional 25,000 bonus Avios after you make an additional $10,000 in purchases also within the first year of account opening.2
  • Together that’s 100,000 bonus Avios, which is enough for a round-trip business class award flight.3 Taxes, fees, and carrier charges are approximately $1,250 per adult in business class based on travel from Seattle to London.4
  • As with offers for this card over the past year and a half, you need to spend $20,000 within a year to get the full 100,000 points. The real value — although you are restricted to British Airways flights and thus availability on those flights — comes at $30,000 in spend when you earn a ‘travel together’ ticket that lets you take a second award passenger on the same trip for no additional miles. The annual fee is not waived the first year.

    Here’s how to unlock the value of British Airways points, especially in light of the fact that the program adds fuel surcharges onto the cost of award tickets.

    This means there are two different co-brand cards with a 100,000 mile bonus at the moment. It’s great to see things heating up!

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    1. I think this is an awesome card! I’m flying nonstop to Chicago with a friend for 9K avios each plus under $10 each. My family of four flew from London to Dubrovnik for 15K + $55 each. And my husband and I are flying 1st class there and business class back to Europe for less than the price of economy tickets thanks to this card. Once you figure out the search engine, it’s a gold mine, in my opinion.

    2. Hi Mike, I don’t think I’m pushing this card. I don’t think it’s crappy though it’s not as good as what was being offered 4 years ago or even 3 years ago (without the big spending requirement). And what ‘people on boardingarea’ do has nothing to do with me, I write this site myself and don’t take any direction from others.

    3. @alt – some people have signed up for this card successfully more than once. in general chase will only give a bonus for a given card product one time, unless the card itself is considered new/different. YMMV.

    4. Actually, this page is always there since November. However, I am not sure whether the offer is still available.

      The reason is that if you access this page while you log-in on BA website, you will be redirected to another page with the “normal” offer (50k miles after 2k spending in 3 months).

      However, both offers (100k miles and 50k miles) have exactly the same application URL with the following parameters:

      Therefore, I am hesitated to jump into this offer. Please let me know if I am wrong.

    5. @poorstudentblog — for what it’s worth the URL I used in my post on this back in November (I believe I was first to mention) pulls up the 50k offer, and has been doing so for awhile. The URL I posted this morning brings up the 100k offer.

    6. I took advantage of this offer last fall (my second BA card; like many folks, I did their “easy” 100K bonus a couple years ago). With the help of manufactured spending, I’ve already collected the 10K spending bonus, and plan to do the next 10K (glad you get a year!). My main usage of the program are those short haul 4500 awards, but I also did the BOS-DUB deal.

      I was planning on stopping at 20K in spend, but I’m intrigued by the companion ticket at 30K. But the huge fuel surcharges, and the UK’s nasty airline taxes, have me thinking that this really isn’t much of a deal. Has anyone used the companion ticket without incurring a huge cash outlay?

    7. Mike I’d prefer that they ‘push’ this offer instead of the 50k one. With all the avenues of manufacturing spend available it would be a mathematical catastrophe to get the 50k instead of the regularly occurring 100k offer.

    8. I just used the companion ticket for 1st class/bus class tickets from the US to London round trip in July: 100k pts + companion ticket + $2300. Economy tickets for July were pricing $1400 each, so we’re paying $500 less than we would for the economy tickets and flying 1st class and bus. class. I think the comp. ticket is great for 1st and bus, but not for economy tickets.

    9. @Mike – I don’t think this is a crappy card at all. Particularly for those living near AA hubs for domestic US travel, it is great. I live in DFW and can get direct round-trip flights to Denver or Santa Fe for 9k, Vail/Cancun/Cabo for 15k, or either coast for 20k. No other card I can think of will get me that many free trips.

    10. What is so terrific about the companion ticket and $2,300?.
      I’m happy flying AA domestic and avoiding “close in” booking fees the nastiest fee known to mankind.

    11. I have actually signed up for this 100k offer back in December 2013 via The offer had a footnote stating that it would be there until 12/31/2013. It was actually still up a week after that date too and then they took it down and replaced it with the normal 50k offer. The funny thing is that when I called to activate, the CSR went over the details and the promotion bonus. Luckily I was paying attention because she told me that I was enrolled in the regular 50k offer. I told her that I signed up for the 100k offer through the BA website and that (while on phone) I still saw the 100k offer on their website. She could not honor the 100k offer right there and then, but had to open a case # for me and have the marketing dept review it. I received a letter in the mail 2 weeks later from the marketing dept stating that they will honor the 100k promo for me. I would have to contact them each time I hit the $10K and $20K interval to have them add the bonus points to my BA account. Also, (I am assuming) since in the system I was signed up for the regular 50k offer; I still have not been billed the $95 annual fee. It has been 2 billing cycles already. I had hit the $10k threshold and it did not post automatically to my account. I emailed Chase and they adjusted it and advised the 25K bonus avios will show up in my BA account on the next statement. So hopefully it will post so I do not have to chase Chase!

      So when signing up for this, take a screenshot of the offer and if you are enrolled by them for just the 50k, you can get the 100k offer and not pay the AF upfront! It is a great offer and can easily be obtained with MS. Great for me because I live in NYC and can redeem for AA flights; planning to fly my family (6 people) to Toronto this summer and that will only cost 54K Avios(9k/pp RT)! If I were to use AA miles, that would have cost me 6x25K = 150K AA miles! Rather use that on a FC Cathay pacific ticket to HKG! 🙂

    12. Avios proved invaluable to me for last-minute (literally) flights DCA-ORD. My family also had to make the trip to spend time with my mom in hospice. To be able to book a family of five one-way hours before takeoff was tremendous. Almost hourly availability and no crazy last minute fees – $2.50 per ticket. On return I could watch weather for windows between winter storms and book/fly at my convenience.

    13. I was just going to close the old BA 100K card as opposed to paying another AF. Should I try for a retention bonus, or just reapply for this new card?
      I love using Avios for domestic AA flights.

    14. Love this card! Between the original 100k and bonus offers they keep running (5-9k avios for spend here and there) I’ve probably gotten 150k avios out of this card since I signed up last Feb. Have done RT to Dublin with Aer Lingus, trips on AA to ORD and other direct locations from DCA, and have HKG-HND in CX F and JFK-YVR-JFK in CX J coming up.

    15. The fuel surcharges aren’t bad if you have some cash back balances to redeem against them. Arrival, Amex Business Simply Cash, Capital One Venture (depending on the signup bonus), Citi Executive AA, etc, can get you $1000 or more to use to defray fuel surcharges. Avios is a much more flexible program if you can find ways to get over / get around / accept paying surcharges.

    16. Have had a BA Visa since the good old days when they did 100K without this much spend and Avios have come in very useful on multiple occasions.

      Having some points in a distance based program makes a lot of sense, IMHO. So we used it for intra-Europe flights, for example. Haven’t come in as useful for booking travel on BA because I don’t find award availability to be good between Houston and London in premium cabins.

    17. I applied for a Chase Ink Bold on 12/24/13. Is it too soon for me to apply for another Chase card?

    18. Ink bold is a business card. You can always make the case you want to keep personal and business separate! Good luck!

    19. How long do these deals usually last? I just got the Executive AAdvantage card and feel like I might be drowning in minimum spend at the moment 🙂

    20. @Mike- this card crappy? You’ve clearly not seen the offers us UK residents get then by comparison!! 😉

    21. About half an hour after I left comment #29 above, the site re-opened and I was able to apply. Perhaps site maintenance?

    22. I signed up for the standard 50K bonus offer a month ago, enough to fly r/t LA to Maui for my wife and I so we think this card is great! Hopefully I can find a representative willing to consider bumping my card up to the 100K bonus offer

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