Bullets Found Inside Reader’s Room at an Airport Holiday Inn

Reader Joe checked into an airport Holiday Inn and found an unlisted amenity on sitting atop his room’s safe: bullets. I don’t normally embark on special forces missions, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!

While the room’s previous guest might have been planning to check a firearm, it’s also reasonably likely to have been where a federal air marshal stayed the night before. There have been several incidents of air marshals leaving their service weapons inside airport restrooms, Godfather-style. Fortunately this ammunition was merely pre-security in a nearby hotel.

Hotel firearms policies vary by property and by state. There’s limited information online that will tell you whether a you can bring weapons onto a property and are usually advised to call hotels directly.

Assuming this hotel allows firearms, or at least ammunition, perhaps my next concern is with their lackadaisical housekeeping which didn’t notice the bullets between guests. That is, of course, unless this airport Holiday Inn is planning to implement a destination fee with bullets as one of the inclusions.

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  1. I hope to heck an air marshal is not using target rounds on an airplane! They will pass through the target and then some! I doubt this was an air marshal…1) why would an air marshal be traveling with a box of target ammo 2) 380 is pretty small round to be carried as the sole weapon of a LEO. I know you are trying to be funny but not very humorous in this instance.

  2. There’s nothing dangerous or illegal about the bullets themselves…not sure why all the fuss about it. Yeah, it’s strange, but nothing more.

  3. I was the one that found the FMJ’s this morning. I’ve done close to three dozen room nights at this property YTD. It’s a crew hotel. I regularly see several dozen crew members overnighting. I was on a lower floor, which is always crewmembers. Possibly could have been a FFDO.

    Happy Travels!

  4. I thought IHG’s program was supposed to be light in terms of elite benefits. Now they finally added a check in amenity and you’re criticizing it!?

  5. A FFDO would have a HK USP Compact in 40 S&W. About double the muzzle energy of 380 auto (also known as 9 mm short). And as others mentioned no one would carry target rounds.

  6. It’s cute when libbies try to talk about guns. Target ammo, lmao! No, Gary, it wasn’t an air Marshall…and also yes, very many law abiding citizens own and shoot guns. This is a non story. Stay in your lane, bro. Stick to travel and shilling cards.

  7. on what planet am i a “libbie” and obviously the air marshal comment was a joke (was it really not obvious?). Doesn’t it make you wonder about the hotel’s housekeeping?

  8. @Gary, well, you did vote for Hillary. You quote Huffington Post and other left wing outlets. You have TDS. There is a legal principle that if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. If we substitute the word liberal for duck, well you see what I mean.

    On the other hand, you do not automatically erase conservative comments. So you actually believe in free speech and the open forum of ideas. “Libbies” believe in driving conservative ideas out of the town hall. So I guess you miss the “libbie” moniker by a little.

  9. Gary, In the comments, in a previous post, you said: “@GUWonder – my take in 2016 was similar to PJ O’Rourke’s, that Hillary Clinton was the second worst thing that could happen to this country but second by a *wide* margin, my concern was primarily long tail risk – that the President gets nuclear codes, and Trump might find them.”

    If that doesn’t mean you voted for Hillary, then my bad.

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