Calling Out Delta on Live TV, the Uber Driver Who Makes $250k, and Buying $500 Gift Cards Online

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  1. Glad to see Delta getting some coverage on a national cable news source over their movements. Reading what some long time Delta advocates are doing with their points tells me that there is a definitive fear of it becoming a price based redemption program. Feel sorry for people who are longterm members or caught in fortress hubs, but hopefully for everyones sake it doesn’t pour over into UA or AA/US.

  2. I don’t see anything about Uber drivers earning $250K on your link. I do, however, see a couple of Uber press releases reported – in full – by Forbes, that bastion of the working man’s liberty…

    Really, Gary, you have become this company’s biggest cheerleader. I am thrilled that one driver earns as much as almost any small to mid-size non-profit CFO earns. But if you’re trying to make a point – that Uber is good for the worker, the consumer, and the world – random puff pieces from Forbes ain’t gonna cut it.

  3. If I can’t trust an airline over passenger loyalty then I can’t trust them about anything. Either Delta should be transparent about what they are doing to gut their Skymiles program or they shouldn’t be touching the program. When an airline makes changes in the middle of the night and thinks people won’t notice they have lost my respect and my trust.

  4. The link for me goes to a story about an Uber driver delivering deli snacks. Seriously doubt this jumped-up pizza delivery person is making $250K a year delivering a $12 lunch special…It’s my understanding that a lot of Forbes pieces are not real journalism but are advertorials and need not be taken for literal truth so I wish you would re-consider posting their links. I would like to have at least some small reason to believe that a story might be true before I click on it…

  5. He’s not making $250K driving for Uber, he’s making $3K gross per month from Uber and $18K per month from selling jewelry to his passengers. And that’s gross earnings, before vehicle expenses and perhaps even before Uber takes its 20% cut.

  6. Yes, I believe the Expedia deal was a mistake deal. I learned about it long before you wrote about it… was unable to firm up a a hotel because we weren’t sure of the itinerary. Understand it is now not usable. Hope it will come back …

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