Can You Guess What This First Class Meal Is? American Airlines Should Be Ashamed [Roundup]

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  1. The cleaning post is quite timely given the earlier BA post.

    And inviting people to the lounge in the US seems like a dicey proposition, especially in big cities where people are naturally on guard for scams.

  2. If everyone invites random strangers into the lounge with them the option will inevitably be dropped.

  3. Oh, and green beans too. As I say with all airline food, keep your expectations low and you will never be disappointed.

  4. I bet the meal tastes fine. The pic has poor lighting. AA sucks generally, but their food is very decent.

    Big Mac and fries are loaded with chemicals that should be considered health hazards. And they are in the EU where the exact same items are healthier because several ingredients used in the US versions are banned by EU authorities.

  5. If you have very low quality standards American food typically is edible on occasion.
    Most of it sucks dried out rubbery and of poor culinary decision making
    But to their credit they actually had a tasty healthy meal on board recently served with a side of chicken.
    For the first time in 20 years the chicken was moist and the lemon parsley sauce for the grains was very good served with olive oil crackers.Lightening can strike if you get real lucky
    Decades ago in the 90s AA/United transcons served excellent offerings by comparison to the new lower standards of this era

  6. “guest passes – you don’t have to talk to me”

    Welcome to The Dystopian Age of Travel, where hosts and guests don’t converse. Where everyone just starts at their screen with ear buds. Where the only conversation is of loud high-pitched babies and toddlers. Oh, dear me!

  7. Looks fine, would eat. If I chose food solely based on appearance, I would have missed out on a lot of great dishes throughout my life. The best food in the world is traditionally working class / peasant food; not designed for the ‘gram!

  8. What I love about the picture is how the lemon was thrown on top. It’s like “Oh wait! You forgot the lemon. You can’t send out a meal without the lemon! That would be low class.”. Even first class isn’t what it used to be.

  9. You fly on such an airline, you should expect this. I’m glad that the food on my Asian airlines fights to and from LAX is not only looks appealing but almost always tastes good.

  10. That JBF creation by Chef Ellie Krieger is one of the nastiest looking entrees that I have ever seen. Looks like a regurgitated omelet that appeared on a plate and I can only imagine what it takes like. I like chicken and never have I seen a breast of chicken look so foul (no pun intended). Food on all US Carriers is much to be desired and all the Food/Beverage Managers at these carriers need to be shown the door for piss poor menu planning and the respective Chef’s cooking the garbage need to find a new career.

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