Candace Owens Takes On The Economics Of Frequent Flyer Programs

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  1. Whatever you think about Candace Owens, she’s right on this one.

    And John Dean, who served hard time for his crimes in the Watergate scandal, is an idiot who clearly doesn’t know the first thing about business or economics. I guess that’s why he got Nixon to pass wage and price controls.

    Gee. I guess he can stick it to Starbucks too by adding $1000 to his card and never spending it….

  2. LOL @ John Dean thinking he’s some SME because he has likely LT Gold and a pittance of redeemable miles…

  3. Returning to the gate to let someone off who wants to get off and isn’t having a medical emergency isn’t going to create a huge delay. Returning to the gate to unload an unruly passenger requires intervention from law enforcement, negotiation time, taking statements from flight crew, etc. It also doesn’t require declaring an emergency and the logistical mess that would create for not only the plane itself, but the entire airport and all other incoming and outgoing flights.

  4. I can never hear the name John Dean without thinking of this old David Frye album where Richard Nixon is talking to The Godfather (Marlon Brando) and The Godfather offers to make “John Dean the Third” into “John Dean the Last”.

  5. For the record, democracy means our enemies voting to tell us what to do. Any Republican who supports a system that allows leftists to take away our rights and for us to abide by the results is really brain dead. Democracy ≠ freedom. No, we don’t support a system that allows anyone but conservatives to decide the lives of conservatives. Leftists also don’t support democracy when the majority are conservatives. Things would be a lot easier if we admitted basic truths.

  6. I cannot parse what Jackson Waterson is saying.

    What Candace Owens is saying is not always true. Using your AA miles is good for the employees of AA who work on the mileage program. Your engagement with miles helps their job security. Financially, on a macro level, sure, AA would prefer to let your miles expire. But, the aggregate of outstanding miles is a mere line item on AA’s balance sheet, and nobody cares.

    New readers of this blog, beware that Jackson Waterson has a history of sordidly racist (pro-White) comments.

  7. Instead of just insulting someone for their opinion. I think what @jackson Waterson is trying to say is that in a democracy your individual constitutional rights can be infringed upon by the government or the simple vote of the majority while in a Republic (as the USA was founded) everyone has constitutional protections. For example, if the current liberals in charge right now voted to outlaw guns it would be unconstitutional and thrown out but in a pure democracy, they could. Another example, say you are African American or another minority group, and congress or the people as a whole voted to take away your rights that would be unconstitutional and thrown out but in a democracy, the people and/or their representatives (government) could vote to take rights away as they would not be protected as they are in a republic. Personally, I hope John Dean doesn’t redeem his miles soon because AA awards are already tough after Simplymiles.

  8. @Big Booty,

    Let me fix that for you, because by your logic, pro-African American statements by African Americans, Pro-Hispanic comments made by Hispanics and pro-Asian comments made by Asians, pro-Presidential comments made by dementia addled Presidents are also racist.

    There you go, I’m sure leaving those out was an oversight and you wouldn’t want new readers to the blog to misunderstand.

  9. Congrats Are In Order For CNN, They Officially Have More Employees Than Viewers!

  10. @Jackson Waterson
    Hey Jack I see your still at it. Libs are not supportive of democracy. Ha, Ha, Ha. The basic truth is you can’t see beyond your racist, homophobic, islamophobic self. Don’t you think you would be better of in Europe?

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