I Can’t Get This Card Commercial Out Of My Head

I do not think that the Luxury Card is a good product for the expensive annual fees charged.

There are three different cards:

  • Titanium which has a $195 annual fee and rewards slightly interior to Barclaycard’s Arrival+ product (1% back, or 2% rebate towards travel).

  • Black card which has a $495 annual fee, a $100 airline credit, and somewhat stepped-up rewards (statement credits rise to 1.5%).

  • Gold card which has a $995 annual fee, a $200 airline credit, and 2% back as statement credits.

These are reasonably good rebate cards but not at their price points.

When launched there were offers of signup bonuses roughly worth each card’s fee for the first year. Those signup bonuses aren’t currently being promoted (I’m unaware of offers out there which may still remain).

What you get, though, is a stainless steel and carbon credit card. And that feels cool.

All three state-of-the-art Luxury Card products feature a patented design and construction. Both the MasterCard® Titanium CardTM and the MasterCard® Black CardTM are engineered with a unique stainless steel front and carbon back. The MasterCard® Gold CardTM includes a 24K-gold-plated front and a carbon back.

Of course you can make your own metal credit card if you wish.

They’ve had a big ad budget, I see television commercials for the Luxury Card products all the time. It’s telling, I think, that those commercials don’t mention much in the way of features or benefits. They just show people living a great life, and then dropping the card to pay a bill.

But I really love the background music in the ads. That’s not enough to make me want to get one of the cards, but it’s close.

And I’m not the only one who loves it:

See for yourself:

The commercial has been out since April, and the only thing I’ve found that works to clear it out of my head is listening to Etihad’s old boarding music (which Lucky from One Mile at a Time got me addicted to).

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  1. The best boarding music I ever heard was on CX in Oct of 2015. Sadly haven’t been on another CX flight since, nor have my numerous efforts to find the song been met with success. And yes, the EY music is very cool.

  2. I like the music in Turkish airlines safety video at the end. Can anyone find it?

  3. From the first comment on the youtube link you posted: “Thank you for your interest in the Black Card commercial. Luxury Card commissioned the musical score specifically for our new television commercials.”

  4. I’ll pay the outrageous annual fee for the card if it comes with a download of the song to my iTunes

  5. For the record, Luxury Card didnt perform the musical store, it was licensed from a production company. For some reason, they refuse to tell anyone which production company licensed the music.

  6. I want the itunes for both commercials! I love them! They both make me stop what im doing because of the music!!,!!

  7. The last thing I will ever do is order your dam card. What’s the big secret about revealing the name of the background music. Pricks!

  8. The score was commissioned by who? Why won’t you name the artist, so we can listen to their other music.

  9. Hmmmm…I have searched and searched for similar music in a full track and came up with the Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners – This Girl song. Listen for yourselves and reply with your thoughts. Enjoy!

  10. What part of CA was that road filmed? Great commercial. Everything stops in my house when it comes on!!

  11. I so agree with the previous commenters. I would love to buy the Lux card ad’s background music. Ease consider our requests.

  12. Seriously guys? I used Shazam and found the song in 3 seconds. Geez.

    What I want to know is… Who are the guy and girl?? Names?

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