Can’t Look Away: On This Flight Every Seat Back Television Was Tuned to the Same Thing

Whether in favor, opposed, or undecided over 13 million people watched the first day of impeachment hearings last week.

That unusual focus on midday ‘serious’ television appears to have been a phenomenon both on the ground and in the air, too at least on airlines offering live TV streamed to a seat back entertainment device, as reported by Georgiana Platt:

Impeachment hearings make for great theater. The stakes are high. We’re waiting to see what’s revealed next. And the nuances of questions, side glances, and gaffes are ripe for dissection.

This is much better than the olden days when everyone on a plane watched the same thing because there were just overhead monitors, and one thing playing on all of them. On an American Airlines flight from Sydney to Honolulu to Dallas back in 1991 they kept playing John Goodman’s King Ralph over and over – and I wanted to impeach the airline’s Vice President of Inflight.

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  1. Good to see so much interest. This is very important stuff, no matter how you feel about it politically.

  2. My system didn’t work on two United flights this week – stayed on the same channel the entire time. Could not turn off either.

  3. People should tune in so they can make up their own minds rather than merely listening to the absurd arguments and propaganda being advanced by Republican politicians and right-wing media. Obama was wrong about American exceptionalism.

  4. I’m glad people are paying attention and watching live rather than getting opinions fed to them through evening commentary. I find the real story just as dramatic as any fictional television series.

  5. @ Gary — Good. Maybe more people can see why Trump should be convicted of treason and jailed for life.

  6. People should tune in so they can make up their own minds rather than merely listening to the absurd arguments and propaganda being advanced by Democrat politicians and Left-wing media. Obama was wrong about everything.

  7. Hillary, the DNC, and the Obama administration were working with Ukrainians to push Russian narratives about the Trump the candidate in 2016 according to a Politico article by Kenneth P Vogel and David Stern (1/11/17). At present, Kenneth Vogel works for the New York Times. Look it up.

    The best defense is a good offense. For this reason, the Democrats have to go on full offense before the complete story comes out. Maybe they can deflect from their corruption in 2016 if they can dirty up Trump with impeachment hearings. Of course, the media are all in, because they hate Trump anyway. (Study News Coverage Of Trump More Negative Than For Other Presidents (NPR, 10/2/17)).

    BTW. I tried to get away from politics by turning on the Sunday morning pre-NFL shows. Sheese, they are all going on about Kaepernick. The guy was a great talent but was a crap QB because he was too lazy to learn how to read a defense. He crashed more than one 49ers team. He also killed my Fantasy Football team one year. So instead of listening about Kaepernick I am here commenting.

  8. Former politician Bill Clinton only rode on Jeffery Epstein’s “playboy jet’ some 25 times. Perhaps on Y ticket? BTW, Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself nor did Vince Foster.

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