Carl Icahn May Take Full Control Of JetBlue, Do To It What He Did To TWA [Roundup]

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  1. I fail to understand why the person waiting at a gate was asked to move when there were many vacant seats ?

  2. Or maybe…hear me out here…just maybe, Denver should’ve put walking tunnels between terminals to give pax better gate connection options.

  3. The woman’s TSA story is misleading and incomplete. Forgetting your ID is resolved by answering questions that only the pax would know, with the TSA on the phone to a resolution desk. If additional screening is needed it doesn’t require taking off clothes unless there is an additional significant anomaly that has to be addressed.

  4. @Alert – Simple, let the emotion roll over you and the outrage form. Clickbait smart-bomb has hit the target.

  5. I looked up the woman who forgot her ID. Hate to tell her they didn’t strip her because they were concerned she was hiding something…….

  6. The UA problem at Denver isn’t all that different to the Delta problem at Atlanta. My connecting flights are always something like arriving at Concourse T and departing out of Concourse E with 30 minutes to somehow make that happen despite the sea of people in the concourses and trying to get on the train. You’d think that keeping connecting flights in nearby gates and neighboring concourses would be a priority

  7. From what I know Denver is redoing their train system. Look forward to a better, more reliable service to and from the concourses.

  8. If Icahn wants to buy JetBlue, fine. The government should let him do it it…

    …provided he renames JetBlue to TWA so that history can truly repeat itself…

  9. JetBlue’s days as an independent carrier are slowly, but surely coming to an end. The airline has never been able to run a clean operation. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. Some days, it wants to be a full service carriers. Others, a true LCC. If Icahn gets a controlling stake in JetBlue, he will sell off the assets and so do quickly, which would remake JFK considerably, with American taking the largest slice of B6’s assets, followed by United.

  10. He destroyed what was left of TWA after he took it over. I remember the day well that his takeover was announced. I was in the air on way to London, with flight attendants hanging bedsheets up as screens to show movies.Thats how bad it had become with old TWA management. Stews were overjoyed he was taking over. All thought he would be the savior of mighty TWA. What a joke. Few years later after moving headquarters to Westchester County NY and gradual dismantling he sold it to AA. Gone with the wind. Dustbin of history. Yeah, he’ll do a fabulous job with JetBlue. Pray it does not happen.

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