Carlos Danger Sale: Spirit May Be the Worst Airline But They Have the Best Ads, Anthony Weiner Edition

When the Anthony Weiner sexting story first broke two years ago, Spirit ran an Anthony Weiner sale.

Of course they ran a More Bang for Your Buck sale on flights to Cartagena when secret service agents were revealed to have frequented prostitutes there.

Back in 2010 they invited customers to check out the (suntan) oil on the beaches that they fly to… during the BP oil spill. (At the time I was just thankful they hadn’t advertised ‘a flood of low fares to New Orleans’ after Hurricane Katrina.)

And their most famous ad has to be their “MILF Sale” (Many Islands, Low Fares)… and in keeping with the ‘theme’ they ran a TV commercial, “Think that’s low? Spirit Airlines fares are even lower!”

Now Weiner is back, as Carlos Danger in The Weiner Rises Again.

“It was like there was a Weiner in your face!”

I don’t want to fly Spirit, and with 90 day expiration I don’t even collect their miles, but the 13 year old boy in me sure loves their ads.

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  1. They should have followed “With fares too HARD to resist” with “…Just try to BEAT them!”

  2. They also had the “MUFF! Diving” sale. (Many Unbelievably Fantastic Fares to Diving Destinations). They are quite clever and lack any real shame.

  3. They also had the “MUFF! Diving” sale. (Many Unbelievably Fantastic Fares to Diving Destinations). They are quite clever and lack any real shame. I took screenshots of that one.

  4. When Anthony Weiner ran for NYC Council and Congress we used to see him campaigning outside the train station in Brooklyn. Look at the celebrity I used to see now!

    And yes, Spirit’s ads are pretty funny!

  5. Spirit Airlines (which I am not proud to admit, I flown several times)is really for the strong of heart and certainly not a carrier to be used, if any degree of civility, customer care or common compassion is expected. However, Spirit does fill planes, fly to interesting destinations and appeals to certain clients! They are creative in their advertising.

  6. wow… 90 day expiration? that’s insane! has anyone ever redeemed an award ticket?

  7. I suspect their “outrageous” ad campaigns are successful, but I still wouldn’t want to work for an airline that did them. Call me old-fashioned, but I think an airline should be moderately “adult” in the way they present themselves to the world. After all, every time you board one of their metal tubes to zip around the atmosphere at 500 mph, you’re entrusting your life to them.

  8. LOL to all of their sales. They’re not afraid to be bold and I respect that.

    I’ve never actually flown them (too addicted to my miles). My mother and sister did though, and were quite happy. Their flight from Detroit was delayed long enough that they missed their cruise departure, and Spirit flew them to the next port and put them up in a five-star resort for two days until the boat arrived.

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