Catch Me If You Can! 19 Year Old Fake Airline Pilot Scams 50 People

A 19 year old created a fake ID as a Singapore Airlines co-pilot in order to impress and scam 50 people in Hong Kong.

He was active in social media discussions presenting himself as a first offer for the airline. And apparently used it skip out on dinner checks and borrow money as well as impress women as young as 15. But it was the 15 year old that brought attention to what he was doing. She filed a police report after he groped her on a bus.

Eventually, the young man met a 15-year-old girl at a cafe at Hong Kong after conning her about his identity prior to the meeting. At the meeting, he claimed that his mobile phone had exhausted it’s battery life and that he needed to retrieve his portable charger from the airport.

The girl took a bus with him to the airport where he grabbed her breasts. The teenager refused to stop groping the girl even when she struggled and eventually quit when the girl scolded him loudly on the bus.

The man has been released on bail and, I suspect, now pretending to be either a doctor or a lawyer. The case is being investigated by Tom Hanks.

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  1. Everyone’s thinking, no way anyone can be conned by a 19 year old. However, I’ve seen plenty of Singapore Airline pilots (real ones) who look like teenagers. It’s just that even 40 year old Asian guys often look like teenagers. It’s just genetics.

  2. Staying out of the sun and wearing adequate sunscreen every day also helps. Westerners like to assume that Asians don’t like sun exposure because they aspire to have pale skin, but many just don’t want wrinkles which are mainly caused by sun damage. A tan is really a sign that your skin has been damaged by UV.

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