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8 New Controversial Claims By Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary

ryan air plane landing
Feb 22 2020

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary believes a lot of controversial things and says them. I’ve often been skeptical that he even believes what he says – whenever he’s been out of the news for awhile he’ll talk about making customers of the European low cost carrier pay to use the lavatory, which I guess he believes entrenches the belief in customers’ minds that his airline is cheap.

However in a new interview he made made several claims only a couple of which are clearly self-serving.

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American Airlines CEO: Here’s Why Passengers Will Accept Flying On The 737 MAX

airplane flying
Jan 25 2020

American Airlines flew the Boeing 737 MAX before it was grounded, and ordered 100 of the airplanes. They’re committed to the aircraft’s safe return to flying, and they’ve done polling to understand how customers feel about it today – and what will change their minds so that they’ll accept flying on the plane once it’s back in the sky.

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Those Embarrassing Boeing Emails Don’t Tell Us Anything New (Or Anything At All)

airplane flying
Jan 10 2020

A series of embarrassing emails have come out, following embarrassing text messages which were revealed in the fall. Some perspective is needed here, though.

Companies are frequently undone by emails. DNC emails certainly didn’t help Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election. Emails hurt Microsoft when the government prosecuted an anti-trust case against it for monopolizing the web browser market (gosh if everyone knew then what we know now). It amazes me that companies store past non-work related emails.

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Airbus Planes Are Now More Popular Than Boeing Worldwide

Dec 27 2019

OAG data shows that something interesting happened over the last decade. Boeing began dominant, with the 737 outpacing Airbus A320 aircraft in scheduled flights and time in the air – and several Boeing planes cracking the top 10.

At the end of the decade the A320 family was ahead of the 737, and both the Boeing 757 and MD80 had dropped out of the race for dominance in scheduled flights. The Boeing 777 became more popular, and 787s spend more time in the air than Airbus A350s. However the 767 is slowly fading from the scene.

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Plane Got Stuck Under A Bridge, Officials Had To Figure Out How To Get Break It Loose

Dec 26 2019

In the fall an Airbus A320 got stuck under a bridge in Harbin, China. The quick thinking truck driver carrying the plane managed to break it free by deflating his tires.

Now images of a plane getting stuck in Durgapur, West Bengal, India are going viral and deflating the tires wasn’t enough. Officials were called in and they “had to get rid of the tyres” in order to free the plane and get the truck moving again. It had to be “pushed out with the help of another truck.”

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