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Priority Pass App Will Soon Let You Order Food And Buy Duty Free

priority pass select card
Feb 22 2020

Wouldn’t it be great to pick up pre-ordered food nearby the lounge you’re headed to and get a discount on the meal?

Bringing more airport vendors on the platform means better customer data – with a broader view and greater understanding of each customer, in order to better tailor offers that move the needle on sales – and cross-marketing to existing customers.

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Airport Security Director Fired After Falling For A Scammer’s Trick, Buying Him Gift Cards

Feb 22 2020

Milwaukee airport’s security manager has been fired after falling for a scam, buying gift cards and sending them to someone in Saudi Arabia posing as her boss.

She’s the security director and she’s not careful dealing with online scammers. That’s not a good look, and she was let go for “substandard or careless job performance.” However what she ran into is very common and part of a multi-billion dollar scam that I’ve run into many times over the past three years.

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New Partnership Will “Fully Reimagine” Airport Starbucks

starbucks coffee
Feb 11 2020

Airport food locations aren’t actually run by the restaurant names you know. Restaurants will license the concept, and collaborate on menus, with concessions companies like HMS Host, Delaware North, and OTG.

HMS Host had an exclusive deal to offer Starbucks in U.S. airports since 1991. We learned last week that this exclusive deal is over, though existing Starbucks locations should remain in airports through the duration of the HMS Host-airport contract at least.

Here’s what’s next for Starbucks in airports. Hint: it may involve iPads.

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7 Surprising Facts About The Austin Airport

austin airport food court
Feb 09 2020

Austin airport has been one of the fastest growing in the United States for several years. This past year they inaugurated 9 new gates. There’s now transatlantic scheduled service to London (Heathrow and Gatwick), Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

Here are 7 surprising facts about my home airport.

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LAX Is Looking For Volunteers To Help Them Stress Test Their New Concourse

Feb 05 2020

LAX is nearing completion of its Midfield Satellite Concourse. This is a 12 gate extension connected to the Tom Bradley International Terminal via a 1000 foot tunnel. As the airport prepares to open this new concourse this year they are looking for 500 people to become actors, playing the role of passenger. This will let them stress test the terminal.

Want to be one of the lucky few to see the new concourse before almost anybody else?

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Very Cool Science: Airplanes Landing In Chicago Are Causing It To Snow

Feb 02 2020

With temperatures below freezing and saturated air (high relative humidity) aircraft descending to land can cause snow. It’s a very localized event, not widespread snow, but snow can form and then fall as a result of planes descending under the right conditions.

This requires “supercooled atmosphere interacting with exhaust” and “water vapor [that is] below freezing but [that] couldn’t entirely transition into ice crystals because of a lack of particulates upon which to freeze.” Then the plane descending through the atmosphere causes snow to form.

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Nationwide Class Action Filed Against TSA & DEA For Seizing Travelers’ Cash At Airports

Jan 15 2020

Terry Rolin is 79 years old. He grew up skeptical of banks, and kept his life savings of $82,373 squirreled away in his house. His daughter came to visit from Boston and help him downsize into an apartment. They agreed she would set up a joint bank account for him.

Banks were closed for the day. Her flight departing Pittsburgh was early the next morning. So she had to take the cash with her. The cash was spotted at security and seized. No crime was ever charged, but the government decided to keep the money anyway. This is surprisingly common at airports across the country.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez May Stop New York LaGuardia From Getting Train Service

Jan 14 2020

To be sure, the plan is a hair-brained one. There won’t be a direct link to the city. It’ll take passengers away from the city before sending them back to it. And it’ll add congestion to the already crowded 7 line, trading airport road congestion for public transit congestion. Complaints about the plan though merely prevent anything from being done.

We’re looking an AirTrain to Willets Point as the best available option because we’re bad at doing major infrastructure projects in this country. And Ocasio-Cortez’s opposition, four and a half years in, illustrates why that is.

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