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Getting Approved For Chase Business Cards In The Current Economy

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Mar 26 2020

I’ve written that in the current economic environment I believe rewards credit card approvals will get tougher, and so it’s a good idea to act quickly on cards that you’re interested in. I thought it would make sense to offer approval tips on Chase business cards right now, as you weight whether to pursue some of the richest offers that we’ve seen – all of which were in the chute prior to the current unpleasantness.

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Apply For Rewards Credit Cards Soon, They May Become Harder To Get

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Mar 25 2020

A lot of people are becoming unemployed. To a credit card issuer that means late payments and eventually chargeoffs. The reason banks sometimes reduce credit lights, and tighten lending standards, in a down economy is because there is more repayment risk. This reduces their exposure to bad debt.

I’m still excited for the long term of rewards cards. Thanks to the government’s money printer go brrr right now the cost of credit to banks is unbelievably low.

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100,000 Point Bonus Offers To Stock Up On From Home

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Mar 24 2020

Now most of us are grounded for awhile. The big bonuses are still out there, though I wonder whether we could see those scaled back soon as banks become less willing to extend credit and less interested in spending as much to acquire customers in a down economy.

That’s why this could be a great time to focus on rewards cards. The offers are large – and they’re still available. That could change. So I’m highlighting current offers of 100,000 points or more for card approval and meeting minimum spend requirements.

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Choosing Your Best Rewards Card While Travel Is Grounded

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Mar 22 2020

It makes a lot of sense to bulk up on miles right now. You’ll be well-positioned to take some great trips once we’re all flying again. And I expect that planes will have a lot of empty seats for awhile which should be great for the best award pricing.

You may want to be careful about which miles you pursue, in order to hedge risk – or you may want the optionality of strong cash back and the option to convert to miles later.

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New 100,000 Point Offer For Chase Ink Business Preferred Card

Mar 17 2020

This is one of Chase’s best cards, one of the best value cards (rewards versus the annual fee at $95), and one of the best overall rewards cards in the market.

This card has a new, biggest-ever public offer. Since it launched in fall 2016 it has had one of the best initial bonus offers in the market – period – at 80,000 points. Now it has a 100,000 point offer.

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Chase Introduces New Premium United Airlines Rewards Card With 100,000 Mile Bonus

Mar 16 2020

In some ways it’s an odd week for Chase and United to launch a new credit card, but they’ve just signed a renewal deal on their partnership and they are out with a huge initial bonus so it’s certainly worth considering.

It’s a new version of the premium United card that includes club lounge access, and there’s a 100,000 mile initial bonus offer without an outsized spending requirement. That’s huge.

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