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Is The Pandemic The End Of Hotel Book-Direct Supremacy?

Jun 21 2020

For several years hotel chains have worked to get customers to ‘book direct’ rather than through third party agents because it lowers their distribution costs. They’ve imposed contracts that limit the ability of their properties to offer discounts, and they’ve advertised to convince you that booking directly through them gives you the lowest price, but that’s often not true.

Now that the global pandemic has decimated hotel occupancy, properties are doing everything they can to cut costs and look for business – and that includes cutting more deals with third party distributors.

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Travel Is Going To Be Really Inexpensive, And Then More Expensive For Awhile

gary leff selfie
Jun 16 2020

There’s likely to be greater variance in what happens to fares than we’re used to, because airlines build their schedules guessing what demand patterns are going to look like and those may be more volatile than we’re used to – airline revenue management tools are more likely to “guess wrong” than in the past because they’re dealing with new situations they haven’t encountered before.

Hotels are a different story. While hotels can leave entire floors closed to save on cleaning and heating and air conditioning costs during periods of low demand, it’s harder to mothball capacity.

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Europe Business Class From $1097 Roundtrip Available Through Mid-January

plane tails
Jun 13 2020

There are business class roundtrips between several U.S. cities and Europe from $1650. That’s an amazing deal, especially from the West Coast, and this deal was available “from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, New York, Boston, Miami and many more cities in the US” to Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, and more – with travel valid through mid-January.

What’s even more amazing is that some small online travel agency sites are making these fares available for less – much less.

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Why Low Fares Will Be Good News For The Airline Industry

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Jun 13 2020

You’ll know the airline industry is healthy again when we start to see really low fares. There are good deals around right now, but few great deals.

Low fares will signal that it’s possible to encourage people to travel again with good deals. High fares suggest discretionary travelers are still staying away.

So while in normal times, with planes full, airlines prefer high fares – in the COVID-era we need to see low fares before predicting an airline recovery.

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Free: Personalized Axe Capital T-Shirts (Billions)

Jun 12 2020

Showtime’s store has Billions merchandise and the last item on the page for apparel lists a men’s white Axe Capital t-shirt that they personalize for you, with your name or whatever else you enter. It is pricing at $0 plus shipping and tax, which comes out to less than $6… whether you order just one shirt or several.

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