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In The Era Of Corona, One Restaurant Re-Opens For Just A Single Guest At A Time

May 31 2020

For people not quite ready to go back to the way things were, there’s a restaurant that’s opened for only one guest a a time. In the middle of a field.

When a guest arrives they’re “greeted with a sign and a rope.” The rope leads to a table in the middle of a meadow. The restaurant asks you for a list of your closest friends, and they solicit a note from someone you know. The note is at the table, so the meal begins with ‘social interaction’.

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I’d Gladly Eat At This Restaurant During The Global Pandemic

May 10 2020

Restaurants in Texas were permitted to re-open under new strict guidelines just over a week ago. Indoor spaces are limited to 25% of their previous capacity. Menus are single use only. Condiments cannot be left on the table, but provided only on request. Flatware cannot be pre-placed on tables either and instead must be given to each guest after being seated.

Still, I haven’t dined in at any restaurants yet. There’s one restaurant, however, with a concept that makes me feel safe.

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How Restaurant Dining Will Change After The Pandemic

Mar 27 2020

China has seen our future, both in terms of economic collapse and how social relations change after what people are experiencing. Food delivery in the U.S. took a queue from China offering ‘leave food at the door’ as an option to ensure social distancing between driver and consumer.

Now that businesses in China are re-opening, we have a glimpse into how they’re protecting their employees, and how they’re changing the products that they offer to appeal to consumers.

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How to Think About Coffee Inflight, in Hotels, and Around the World

Nov 26 2019

My morning routine is simple. It starts with coffee, and eases into work. That’s true whether I’m at home or on the road. I’m drinking a little less coffee than I used to. For years I joked that you could run my blood through a still once a week to filter out caffeine byproducts, and use that to run a local taxi fleet’s alternative fuels experiment.

Coffee plays an important role in travel – from the airport to the plane, and from the hotel to the city around it.

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