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$7000 Per Night North Island Resort Now Bookable With (The Wrong Number Of) Marriott Points

Feb 18 2020

In December Marriott changed its terms and conditions to say that category 8 high season pricing of 100,000 points per night is no longer the highest price a hotel can get.

It turns out that prospect was all about just a single hotel: the $7000 per night North Island in the Seychelles has now joined Marriott’s Luxury Collection. The hotel is now bookable at 365,000 points per night.

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Two American Asian Men Denied Hotel Check-in Because They Could Be Chinese, And Coronavirus

Feb 15 2020

Two Hmong men were turned away from the Super 8 hotel in Plymouth, Indiana. Then they tried the nearby Days Inn and were turned away there too. In both cases the front desk employee was afraid they might be Chinese, and therefore a coronavirus risk. They wound up sleeping in their car.

Kaopra Lor videotaped the incidents and posted them to Facebook.

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Four Big Changes To World Of Hyatt (Three Don’t Happen Until March 22)

Feb 12 2020

Annual category changes are pushing up prices at 117 Hyatt hotels, and 100 go down. Out of these 217 properties changing category 65 are SLH hotels.

Meanwhile Hyatt is adding 48 new SLH hotels to their portfolio, introducing variable pricing for cash and price awards, and implementing new peak and off peak award pricing. All of this goes into effect March 22.

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Hyatt’s New Promo Offers Double Points And A Big Boost For Hyatt Credit Card Customers

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Feb 10 2020

Hyatt has launched its new promotion, double points after your second stay, with an extra bonus for co-brand credit card customers on weekend stays. Registration required.

While I don’t favor promos that start bonusing after the second stay, double base points from Hyatt is more generous than double base points from Hilton or IHG.

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Lots Of Misinformation About New Limits On Award Redemption At Many Marriott Hotels

Feb 06 2020

Yesterday we learned that Marriott is going to let former Starwood hotel brands limit award redemptions on high demand dates during the year, matching what legacy Marriott brand hotels could do.

There’s been a lot of misinformation spreading since the change became public (on blogs, Marriott still hasn’t told its members) so I wanted to correct these misimpressions.

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Analysis Of Marriott Hotel Redemption Category Changes Coming March 4

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Feb 05 2020

Marriott has an award chart with each hotel assigned a category from 1 to 8. That determines the price you’ll pay in points for a standard room, as long as that room is available.

Every year Marriott re-categorizes hotels, moving them up or down, largely based on whether the rates are expected higher or lower than the previous year. There’s some wiggle room for adjustment, but changes largely track the hotel market. Here’s what’s happening March 4, 2020.

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