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American Closing 11 Clubs, Restricting Service In Others

Mar 18 2020

Due to low passenger volumes and suspended flights, American is closing 11 lounges so far. I expect that number to grow.

There are various state laws that are affecting service in Admirals Clubs. Perhaps the most extreme place you can social distance inside of an airport is in American’s Flagship First Dining. But they’ve had to close it at New York JFK because ‘restaurants’ are required to be closed. Some won’t let you take food with you, others won’t let you eat the food they give you there. And in some places alcohol cannot be served.

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Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver Review

Mar 17 2020

The Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver is now open, and like its counterpart in Toronto is one of the best business class lounges in the world.

At the end of 2017 Air Canada unveiled their international business class Signature Suite lounge in Toronto. In my experience it is the best business class lounge in North America, and perhaps the best lounge in North America. Dining there is genuinely fantastic. It is open only to paid business class passengers on Air Canada, not to Star Alliance customers, award passengers, or upgrades.

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Why Austin Airport’s New Independent Lounge Was Just Put On Hold

Feb 24 2020

The Austin airport was supposed to be getting a new lounge accessible by American Express Platinum cardmembers. The airport solicited bids to run a new independent lounge, and selected MAG (“Manchester Airport Group”) USA which runs Escape lounges. A rendering of the lounge even suggested it might be a dual Escape Lounge-Centurion lounge which is the setup in Phoenix. However the Austin City Council balked in a dispute over minority contracting rules.

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Free Domestic Lounge Access for United Gold Elites and Higher

Jan 24 2020

Most people think the United club exclusion means United Gold elites don’t get lounge access on domestic trips (unless they’re a United Club member). But that’s wrong. I don’t believe I’ve written about this in two years so it seems worth sharing.

The trick – that the initiated know but most do not – is that any Star Gold member can access any Star Alliance lounge in the U.S. other than United’s clubs provided they are flying on Star Alliance airlines out of that airport that day and can physically access the terminal where the lounge is located.

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