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New Restrictions On Domestic Travelers: Florida Enforcing Quarantine On Arriving New Yorkers

Mar 23 2020

According to the Governor of Florida since the “federal government had not put any domestic travel restrictions into place, Florida would take the initiative.”

His order applies to air travel from New Jersey as well. It does not, apparently, apply to passengers arriving from the New York area on connecting flights. It also does not apply to flights from Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle.

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Hawaii Asks Americans Not To Visit From The Mainland

Mar 18 2020

With 14 confirmed cases of coronavirus including the state’s first case of community spread, the Governor of Hawaii is asking Americans on the mainland not to visit for the next 30 days. Hawaii travel has been one of the few bright spots for airlines, and early on in this crisis Oahu was one of only two major hotel markets to be doing well.

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Video: Cabin Crew Tackle Passenger Who Deliberately Coughed At Them

Mar 09 2020

China appears to have their coronavirus outbreak largely under control. However they’re now encouraging – even subsidizing – a return of international flights. I’ve worried that they would bring back infected passengers.

Naturally they’ve thought through this problem, and with the current low volume of international flying they are examining each passenger entering the country. Even at the current low volume of international travel to China, though, that’s backing up arriving flights by several hours in some cases. And that can cause unruly passengers.

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Jennifer Garner Practicing Ballet On A San Francisco Airport Moving Walkway

Feb 15 2020

Some people like Jennifer Garner for her work in TV’s Alias while others appreciate her more for 13 Going On 30. She’s been described as ‘America’s Sweetheart’ though I just like her for endorsing the Capital One Venture card.

Ms. Garner has her own unique take on travel. For instance here’s how Jennifer Garner packs for a trip (she loves her sweatpants).

And put her on a moving walkway?

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Bernie Sanders Caught Flying First Class

Feb 14 2020

When Bernie Sanders was running for the Democratic nomination in 2016 he charted a Boeing 767 to meet the Pope. Dinner included herb crusted lamb and fine cheeses along with lobster sliders midflight. While the democratic socialist does fly coach, even North Korea’s Air Koryo has a business class.

Senator Sanders, who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, looked sheepish flying first class on an American Airlines Embraer ERJ-175 regional jet.

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Passengers Pulled Off Delta Flight Because Of Their Cell Phone’s Name

Jan 21 2020

Two passengers from Quebec were removed from a Delta regional flight in Detroit over their cell phone’s network name, “remote detonator.”

Passengers were kept on board the regional jet for more than three hours over the incident. People still haven’t learned, it seems, that actual NSA surveillance vans don’t have network names like “NSA Surveillance Van #15”

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