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Remember to Garden Your Reservations After You Book Them

Jan 24 2020

I find it’s worth checking a booking right after you make it to make sure everything was done correctly — are traveler names accurate? Can you assign seats? Does a partner airline see the booking and does it appear ready for travel? If the reservation is for some time in the future, scroll through your reservations at least once a month. Do it again a few days in advance of travel, too.

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How to Beat Jet Lag Every Time

Jan 24 2020

Sleeping, and waking on local schedule at your destination, is the number one way to beat jet lag. Then stay up at your destination on arrival and go to bed as close to when the locals do as possible.

When I take an overnight flight to Europe or Asia that arrives in the morning, I take a shower and change clothes. If it’s sunny, take a walk. If my schedule allows I will take a nap. I will get up and make myself go out to dinner. This can be tough. I’ll be dead tired. Doesn’t matter. I want to go out, ideally a late dinner, so that I’m tired and fall right to sleep when I get back to the hotel.

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6 Things To Know Before Traveling This Thanksgiving

Nov 24 2019

If you’re traveling this week in the U.S., best of luck to you! Here is my nickel’s worth of free advice as you prepare to depart along with 40 million other Americans for the Thanksgiving holiday (fortunately they won’t all be flying).

Some of them will save you hassle, some will save you money, and some may just save your trip…

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Had a DUI? You May Not Be Able to Enter Canada

Aug 29 2019

George W Bush pled guilty to DUI in 1976 which makes him.. inadmissible to Canada without special permission.

Canada has gotten even stricter about their drunk driving laws in the past year. It doesn’t matter if your charge was a misdemeanor in the U.S., a drunk driving conviction is treated as a serious offense in Canada. And any driving charge related to alcohol may preclude you from entering Canada.

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Travel Agency Scam: Take Customer Money, Don’t Actually Book Their Travel

Jul 21 2019

There are supposed travel agents online that will sell you packages, hotel rooms, tickets for activities. They will charge your card. You’ll show up, and they’ve simply taken your money and not booked anything for you. You have a paper confirmation that doesn’t mean anything.

Would you book from a travel agency using Osama bin Laden’s initials?

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US Customs and Border Protection Will No Longer Require Mandatory ID Checks Getting Off Domestic Flights

passport getting stamped
Jul 11 2019

On February 22, 2017 Delta flight DL1583 arrived at New York JFK from San Francisco and passengers were greeted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection demanding to see ID from everyone getting off the aircraft. Apparently they were looking for an individual who had been ordered to be deported.

Except that US CBP has no authority to do that.

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