The Charleston Place Hotel: Or How I Know I Don’t Get Better Treatment As a Blogger…

A month ago I stayed at the Charleston Place Hotel for Conde’ Nast Traveler‘s annual summit for their named Top Travel Specialists, a group I’ve been honored to be a part of since the beginning of 2010 (for my award booking service).

It was, oddly enough, my very first time in Charleston. And Conde’ Nast had some fantastic events planned in what I found to be an utterly charming city.

The hotel, though lovely in many ways, was an interesting experience. I was paying a conference rate of $199++.

I flew in after the Austin Frequent Flyer DO, while many of my fellow specialists had come in earlier for meetings. I turned up at the hotel though right after the lot of them.

The hotel knew when everyone would be arriving, but they weren’t quite ready for it..

They had no room for me at check-in time, so I had a drink in the bar.

When I finally did get a room, it was certainly nice enough though I tend to prefer a more modern style.

My view?

The worst thing, though… no miles.

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  1. This just shows the pecking order. Bloggers are impactful…TAs who drive hotel bookings and mainstream travel publications are more impactful.

  2. Well, Charleston is my favorite city, and I wish there were more points granting/redeeming chains in the Market/East Bay Street area. The Renaissance is pretty much it and a bit cheesy. But part of the charm is that there are not more. I could see some hotels there discretely affiliating with chains. Charleston Place is part of Belmond, the recent successor to Orient Express.

    I could see some Charleston hotels maintaining their identity the way the “Hotel Martinez, a Grand Hyatt” has, and indeed, Charleston Place could make a very good Grand Hyatt.

    But a couple of questions – (1) did you find Charleston Place to have a bit much marble and brass for the environs? (when I’ve stayed there, I’ve felt the finishes lost the sense of place) (2) any dining to report?

  3. @Billy – actually I was there as a travel specialist guest of a major publication! My reference to being a blogger was just my being cheeky 🙂

  4. I love, absolutely love Charleston. And this is the nicest large hotel in the area…I’m sure B&B’s are just as nice or nicer but I like full amenities. I’ve stayed at the CP four or five times, and each time I have to admit that I’m left scratching my head as to just what the big deal is. The rooms are dated and much in need of upgrades. The service is decent, but not good enough to warrant the prices IMO. I’ve planned a conference at this hotel, and they aren’t all that great during the sales process. They have the best situated hotel in a great city, and they’ve got zoning laws on their side now that preclude future competition in the area…their building stands at least one story taller than what new builds can be in the city. When the Westin had a prop by the college, that was my hotel of choice but now it is the CP and yes, no points at all.

  5. I do recall the Westin, which has reverted to independent status under its old name the Francis Marion Hotel. It is perhaps 7 to 10 blocks farther North than most tourists would want to stay. Its on Marion Square, which has its own charm, however. And when I stayed one weekend shortly after it being deflagged, it was decidedly looking long in the tooth.

    As Charleston becomes more popular and improvements push farther up the Peninsula, that property could be an excellent candidate for a major restoration.

  6. I love Charleston but I do not like this hotel. It’s extremely over rated and overpriced. The pool is gorgeous but that hardly makes up for what is a pretentious convention hotel.
    There are many better options in Charleston. The Planters Inn right across the street for one and some of the great B&Bs in the country for others

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