Chase-Offered Status Extended Through December 2025 [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • If you take Flight Simulator seriously, do you deserve to have your wife introduce you to friends and colleagues as a pilot?

  • When Capital One introduced Spark Travel Elite this past summer I called it “the small business version of Venture X.” And they’ve now re-branded it as Venture X Business.

    This makes a lot of sense. Their small business card line had been branded ‘Spark’ but (1) the value proposition clearly matches that of Venture X, and a brand should communicate in shorthand what the product stands for; and (2) Venture is the strong ‘brand’. With the original name you had to dig into a lot of details to understand what was being offered. Here, they are clearly offering the Venture X value prop but for a business. Simple and effective.

  • In fall 2020 Chase extended a merchant-funded offer for status, points and a discount with Parking Spot. Parking Spot has extended status… through December 2025..? (HT: K.P.)

  • Heavens to Murgatroyd, did we learn nothing from the Southwest Airlines ukulele nightmare?

  • She offered to give him a “neck massage”

  • This luggage moans.

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  1. This guy is clearly delusional. I feel badly for him. Reminds me of people with PhDs who call themselves ‘doctor’ but they’re not delusional, just pathetic. .

  2. Someone with a PhD degree *is* a doctor.

    The degree of doctor of philosophy goes back many centuries, the doctor of medicine or doctor of dental surgery degree is a relatively recent invention.

    The fact that the only “doctors” that you encounter are MDs and dentists is an indication of your limited social circle and lack of education.

  3. @Jason Wang – speaking as someone that’s worked in a university for a quarter century, alongside nobel laureates, insisting on being called doctor is a pretention that belies academic insecurity. And while there may be serious people who have a doctorate in education, an education doctorate is not a serious academic degree.

  4. @Gary, I usually go by my first name.

    But in a professional or more formal setting where you would normally use Mr. or Ms., my honorific is Dr. (I have a PhD in biochemistry).

    Certainly some degree programs are less demanding than others, and some degree programs have minimal job prospects in their field, but someone with a PhD (even in education) should be called Dr. when you would otherwise use Mr., Ms. etc.

  5. Meh- wanting to be called a doctor with a Phd is technically accurate but mildly pretentious. Wanting to be called a pilot when adept at Microsoft Flight simulator is outright delusional. It’s like someone insisting on being called “General” because they have the high score in Call of Duty…

  6. Dr. Wong is right. Internationally, the titular “Dr.” is not limited to physicians, but I would usually indicate something like “Dr. Jack Lad, J.D.”

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