CHEAP: $89.70 Miami – Tokyo On American Airlines

There’s a fare war going on right now to Tokyo and American Airlines is selling tickets as low as $89.70 one way from Miami to Tokyo Haneda.

This is a basic economy fare, but elite benefits like extra legroom seating and full checked baggage allowance still apply. You might even upgrade using systemwides.

Key details of fare basis OLX80EZ1:

  • Travel permitted September 18 – December 1, December 25 – January 1, or January 7 – April 30
  • No refunds or changes

American Airlines Boeing 787 Economy

Return flights are available for about $50 more booked as part of a roundtrip, with travel permitted September 16 – December 28, January 22 – April 21, or April 29 – May 26.

It’s unclear when Japan will re-open to Americans, of course and I’m going to refrain from making a specific prediction at this time.

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  1. @Gary – I’m finding cheap flights, but it looks to me like they’ve already pulled the fares you’re citing.

    Appreciate the heads up!

  2. Lets hope we see more of these low fares as it would be nice to be able to do some oishii runs for my Japanese SO since we can no longer use Marukai/Tokyo Central online.

  3. I really love HND close to Disney and Tsukiji, unlike inconvenient NRT taking forever to Tokyo.

  4. Not much good if Japan does not reopen. I hope they do though, my wife’s sister lives there snd has stage 4 cancer and she cannot get there to be with her.

  5. These fare wars on Tokyo last few days have been fantastic on prices but unless you want a speculative booking and more chances to get some travel credits I am not interested. They had $285 rt DFW-HND and while I would love to go back to Tokyo it doesn’t look as promising on reopening as Europe right now. They might as well offer cheaper fares to Mars for now.

  6. Hi Gary,

    Can you explain the airlines’ thinking here? I just checked, $90 MIA-LAX-HND. $662 LAX-HND.

    What are they trying to accomplish with this? This is such huge date range that the chances of opening are pretty good.

    It’s a great rate, but really gives the finger to people who are near the connecting cities.

    Won’t people just buy $90 tickets MIA-LAX and get off?

    I just don’t get it. Anyone?

  7. Not much good if Japan does not reopen. Gary tell us when japan reopens

  8. Doesn’t a war require two parties? Who is the other airline in the fare war?

  9. Gary can you tell us when you normally release your emails to us? These low fare deals and the latest article on AA 767 seats for sale are pretty much non existent when your email is received. This gets very frustrating to try to follow all your deals that are almost always non existent when you get the email touting of the great deal. My email with the 767 seat deal arrived at 10:40 AM MST and when I brought up the email at 11:00 AM MST and clicked on the Facebook link you gave, was no longer available. Would be curious how many hours before receiving the email you were able to access that link. Also, the only comment at that point said the same, link no longer available.
    How about initiating a membership group that will be alerted immediately when you send out your deal emails? You would have the ability to get an alert on your phone or other mobile device, the second you send it out and it can be received. Then maybe there might be a chance to take advantage of these deals when you send them out. Any other idea you might have along these lines would be greatly appreciated.

  10. These fares are so cheap no problem doing a speculative booking. Even if Japan isn’t open in spring 2022 all you lose is a few hundred dollars and that is well worth the risk!

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