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  1. Gary,

    I read the piece on credit card fraud getting a man thrown in jail, and go figure, there was the obligatory “we blocked the transaction for your protection” mumbo jumbo.

    When will the banks stop lying to us? Blocking a charge is not for my protection, it’s theirs. All it does is inconvenience me… or get me thrown in jail apparently. If a fraudulent charges makes it through, I call them up and get it reversed. I’ve never had a fraud charge stick.

    Banks: Please stop with the BS.

  2. CrankyFlier’s analysis of AA vs. DL is off the mark, because he’s missing a crucial piece of the analysis

    While I have no clue how AA would perform on a LAX-HND route, you can’t say that it would fail just because Delta’s service is failing

    DL has few Skyteam connections at HND. So almost all their fliers would have to be O&D. AA on the other hand has a OW partner hubbed there who can provide a ton of feeder traffic to the major Asian cities and tons of connections intra-Japan (to make no mention of AA being able to provide more feed to LAX than DL)

    Without knowing much about AA’s failures on the JFK-HND route, I suspect they believe between the LAX flight being a more convenient time, combined with JAL’s fast-growing presence at HND, the circumstances are very different than AA JFK-HND or DL LAX-HND

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