Check Out the New Version of Award Wallet – Beta!

The new beta version of Award Wallet is available. Here’s what Award Wallet is, some of the features of the new beta, and how to upgrade your account for free.

Why Award Wallet is a Key Tool for Any Savvy Traveler

Regular readers of the blog know that I use Award Wallet to track my miles and points.

The free version of the service suffices for most. You enter your frequent flyer account numbers and passwords. Then you can update most of your account balances with a single click and see them on one page. You can log into your accounts with a single click.

When I first signed up I realized quickly I was happy to pay the minimum required for their premium membership that included expiration date tracking for many of my accounts.

To me signing up for an Award Wallet account is one of the very first steps to take getting started in this hobby. Not only does it help you manage your points, but it also notifies you of changes to your travel reservations. That’s saved me on several occasions.

New Features and Benefits of the New Award Wallet Beta

Award Wallet has started rolling out their new interface. Members who have it can invite up to 5 people into the beta.

They’ve introduced new features in terms of how accounts are updated and how they can be managed. For instance there’s a new ‘history’ tab on some accounts:

Furthermore, they can update your accounts more quickly than before. Award Wallet Plus members have their accounts updated 5 at a time.

I noticed that the interface displays more detail when accounts return errors.

Trips also display now in the form of a timeline.

I don’t love the font but that’s likely because I’m used to the current Award Wallet page that hasn’t been updated in 5 years and that I look at Every. Single. Day. I’ll get used to it.

How You Can Use the New Award Wallet Beta

Once you’ve signed up for Award Wallet (if you aren’t already a current user) you can use my ‘beta referral link’ to upgrade. That way your account will get the features of the new beta and you can play around with the new tools.

For avoidance of doubt, I am not aware of anything I will get if you use my beta referral link. The standard number of referrals a user receives is 5, however I asked Award Wallet to give me 100. Readers are invited to share their own links in the comments, to make sure that there are enough to go around.

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  1. Looks nice, but I keep getting a pop-up about a 403 error. It’s not an error from the browser– it’s an error from within the AwardWallet website.

  2. Really, those that used the invites should be sharing their links here to get more of us in.

  3. Here is mine for the beta (if it gets erased try clicking the website link I put it there too)


  4. I am always (very) hesitant to use these kind of services for two reasons:

    1. It generally abuses the AUP from the airline website(s), or at the least, they do not like that the account is being polled for changes all day. Who says they will not decide to close accounts of people that keep using these services?

    2. Services like these require your passwords. In plain text. They need that in order to login to the various airline websites. Somehow I doubt that Awardwallet holds the same security standards as the airline websites themselves. What if they get hacked and the passwords to all your frequent flier accounts fall into the wrong hands? The airline is not likely to help you – after all you shared the passwords with a 3rd party which is against their terms.

    So while I do understand how these services can be useful…I wont be signing up. Way too risky.

  5. @Cindi actually you can have your e-mail statements forwarded to AwardWallet and it does then display those balance updates. It also gives you one click login to those accounts

  6. @Xandrios you may want to read up on their security standards, you’ll likely be surprised.

    And I find it increases the security of accounts because it causes you to track your balances every day. You’ll notice any change in your account that you aren’t expecting right away.

  7. @Cindi my 100! But there are several new links posted, including some links where I just approved comments so even though they’re earlier in the thread they’re actually ‘new’.

  8. 403 Errors? Um, the system IS actually described as BETA.

    You mean the expensive, high quality airline security that lead to these headlines?
    And those are just some of the 2015 breeches… Damn I feel so much safer now…

    AwardWallet offers 2 factor authentication, something that NONE of the airlines or hotels offer.

  9. Remind me again what the benefit of this is? I already use other programs like UsingMiles and Traxo, which frankly seem to work better. Here I have tried many times to enter my Chase Ultimate Rewards and it just comes back “incorrect logon.” Which is crap because I can log on to the site directly no problem. Is this worth the hassle?

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