Check Out These Marriott Lifetime Elite Luggage Tags [Roundup]

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  1. Gary, do we have projected dates for AA’s elimination of first class on 777-300s and T-Birds? That is, other than “sometime in 2024.”

  2. Really not impressed with all I had to scroll thru to get to a non closeup view of what this was supposed to be about.

  3. If you’ve been Lifetime Titanium on Marriott for years, how do you get the luggage tag?

  4. I thought that Lifetime Titanium had gone unobtainium a few years ago.

    Have they allowed that lifetime level to be achieved by new folks?

  5. The conclusion that Thai is eliminating Royal First Class seems to be based on faulty information. Live and Let’s Fly is basing it solely on an unnamed Instagram account that claims that “the Thai Airways First Class Lounge is now called the Coral Lounge and open to Priority Pass members.”

    There is a new Coral Executive Lounge at BKK. It is located in domestic Terminal A and is open to Priority Pass members. The Royal First Lounge is on Concourse D.

    Additionally, this year Thai received three new 777-300ER aircraft each with eight Collins Aerospace Elite firs class seats. That doesn’t sound like Thai is abandoning first class.

  6. Zebraitis, this is probably a person who achieved Lifetime Titanium prior to its discontinuance and is grandfathered. Gary, the package photo is fine. To everyone else, are we truly that fascinated with luggage tags? Seriously? How about a Cobalt luggage tag?

  7. @Retired Lawyer – I received an email “Your complimentary gift is waiting” on Friday” so looks like they are sending the emails in waves

  8. Lee – it’s not the tag, it’s the status level that really is at the core of my question.

    Why would they send tags to someone who achieved it years ago… Unless some how Marriott corporate generosity means we are to expect new gimmes annually (which I find hard to believe).

  9. I’m still waiting for my customized membership card that SPG was supposed to send me in 2018.

  10. @Zebraitis
    The lifetime Titanium was given to some people when the Bonvoy program was finalized. It was never an obtainable status that I am aware of. I missed out as I was lifetime gold and moved to lifetime platinum with the new program. My boss was lifetime platinum before and was moved to lifetime Titanium.

    Marriott announced the tags a month or so ago as a gesture for existing lifetime members so this included those Titanium members. I’m not sure this signals a trend to send something out every year like the old Patinum Premier. I held that status for several years but only received the “gift” once.

    I believe my tags are in limbo as I think UPS passed them off to USPS on the 18th and it says delivery on the 23rd but the tracking has disappeared. And they are only 45 minutes from me. So 5 days to go 45 minutes.

  11. The Marriott luggage tags are available for both lifetime platinum and lifetime titanium members to order (no charge). I have lifetime platinum and already received mine and they look exactly like the lifetime titanium ones in the photo posted. The web site to order them also has a summary of your status and is at:

  12. @Retired Lawyer (hey, I’m one too!). My Lifetime Titanium tags just arrived two hours ago by some delivery service that dropped them at my door. The packaging is exactly the same as shown in the picture. Not exactly sure what to do with them. Do people still use “brag tags” anymore?

    I’m guessing that they will probably join my AA Executive Platinum tags stored deep inside my night table drawer (along with my Delta Royal Medallion tags–yeah, I’ve been around awhile). .

  13. Zebraitis, sorry for any confusion. My comment to you was solely to answer your question about status. My comment regarding the luggage tags was not intended for you but for other commenters. Here’s a follow-up to “everyone else”: Does a person actually want Marriott lifetime luggage tags that communicate to the world that one was duped by Marriott for so long . . . and is still being duped? Those luggage tags should also come with toilet paper to stick to the bottom of your shoe.

  14. Don, Thanks for the link to request tags for Lifetime Titanium. Unfortunately, the Marriott website is screwed up. I couldn’t log in. The Titanium rep said it the problem won’t be fixed for at least several hours.

  15. Three years of my life in Marriott’s and all i get is some crappy luggage tags and bonvoyed on a regular basis?

  16. I received the tags, they are made well, and I appreciate the gift and gesture. My goal is to use them, although I do like collecting special items like this as a memory of when I traveled considerably more.

  17. I received my luggage tags, and they are very nice. My only question is how to put them on my suitcase? Very confusing!

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