China Gave the Stockholm Sheraton Stockhom Syndrome

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  1. The Stockholm Sheraton should also invite Tibetans in exile to come and celebrate a National Day of their own. (And ban PRC government and party officials from staying there.)

  2. Highly disturbing stuff about customs. The agent should be fired at a minimum. A free press is crucial to a free society. Impeding, bullying, humiliating, or threatening the exercise of a free press is dangerous at best, a violation of constitutional freedoms at worst. It is quite literally against everything our nation stands for.

  3. Can you imagine them hassling bliggers?…. “Admit you write corporate shrill, blow all the good deals, and are in it only to sell credit cards “ and then we will let you come home.

  4. The First Amendment is under assault, really from both sides in our polarized political world. One side harasses journalists who are willing to challenge the President; the other inflicts speech codes and boycotts that seek to inhibit any politically incorrect talk. The First Amendment is a big deterrent to wannabe authoritarians on all sides, and we need to champion it.

  5. What’s wrong with China? Thanks for posting this otherwise it wouldn’t be covered by main stream media. Gary you keep write whatever you want to write without worry Chinese trolls army.

  6. You’ve missed the correct definition of Stockholm Syndrome, unless the Stockholm Sheraton is sympathetic to the Chinese Govt…

    “Stockholm syndrome is a condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity.”

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