China Is Paying Airlines To Re-Start International Flights, But Will It Bring Back Coronavirus There?

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  1. I figure they will install a purell shower at the aircraft door and hand out a N95 mask and tape it to each pax’s face.

    To answer your question, yes, its possible, but I guess with some control, it can be done with enough safety.

  2. China might have contained the rapid spread of the virus within their borders but they’ve unleashed untold horrors on the rest of the world: medically, socially , economically.
    China lied, dissembled, obfuscated, mismanaged from day 1. Even prior to that they failed to act to control the unspeakably vile and dangerous markets specialising in the mistreatment and hideous slaughter ( for consumption ) of exotic species ( including , unbelievably, Koala Bears). Beijing knew the potential for a crossover virus from the SARS experience, but did nothing.
    They can NEVER be trusted again and should be shunned by the international community. Part payback is on the way, as the business community are falling over themselves to get the hell out…permanently…, which of course is bad for ordinary Chinese, most of whom are equally appalled by the disgusting dietary habits of the privileged elite. To add insult to injury , these same lowlife scumbag officials responsible for doing nothing about the markets then organised a cull of people’s pet dogs and cats. Unspeakable human garbage.

  3. Good for Maryland. Nobody likes the bulk dispenser for soap and shampoos. Unfortunately you will have to start hoarding and packing your own if you plan to stay in Kalifornia

  4. “China appears to have contained coronavirus” Given the Chinese government’s track record for honesty and the significant incentive they have to get their economy going again I would be skeptical of this claim to say the least. Time will tell.

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