Chinese Propaganda Fail: “How Passenger Planes Are Assembled In China”

Chinese state media shared a time lapse video showing ‘how a passenger plane is assembled in China.’ Except the footage is from Boeing’s factory in Everett, Washington.

Let’s look a little closer. Does this appear to you like a Chinese factory worker?

The factory shown literally displays an American flag.

It doesn’t take much to see that the aircraft being assembled ‘in China’ is a Boeing 787 headed for Saudi Arabia.

In fact, the footage appears to be lifted from this time lapse video of the construction of Saudi Boeing 787-9 HZ-ARA.

It’s entirely possible though that toy models of HZ-ARA are Made in China, though the company selling them is in San Diego.

How hard would it have been to film the manufacture of a Comac ARJ21, of which about 30 have been delivered, mostly to Chengdu Airlines? Of course even that Chinese state-manufactured aircraft resembles an MD-80, has a wing designed by Russia’s Antonov, and uses General Electric engines.

(HT: Jon Ostrower)

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  1. Now why doesn’t this surprise anyone? And think the majority of our drugs come from China. Now this is NOT POLITICALLY motivated but the sooner we become less dependent the better

  2. Well they shamelessly stole IP from western aerospace companies to build the COMAC anyway, so I suppose it makes sense to plagiarize this video as well.

  3. @ Gary left: Huh???? If Gary posts a video of Starbucks employees making this morning’s latte and claims its “View from the Wing” workers, then we can all pile on and call him names. But come on, this is an amazingly bad promotional piece by an airline company. Lighten up.

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