Chris Guillebeau’s New Frequent Flyer Miles Guide is Out

Chris Guillebeau has just completed his frequent flyer guide. It’s $49, and not going to be useful to everyone, but I’ve given it a read and for the right audience it’s really quite good.

If you’ve been a Flyertalk member for years, or have over 2000 posts there, this product isn’t for you. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you understand and follow the tips and take advantage of the offers I post, this product isn’t for you.

But if you’ve just stumbled upon this blog for the first time, or bookmarked it with the intention to “figure all this stuff out” at some point, this document/guide may be the ticket. I rarely write comprehensive, ground-up, basics posts. Chris, on the other hand, has done a pretty good job at starting with step one, explaining the value proposition of different opportunities, and walking you through what you need to do to accumulate miles from different sources.

It’s one of the better introductory pieces I’ve seen that pulls all the basics together.

I really did like Randy Petersen and Tim Winship’s Mileage Pro book. But it came out in late 2005 and could use an update. Still worth a read, though.

As soon as something is published it’s already out-of-date, which is why I wish Randy and Tim would come out with a new edition of their book. Even Chris’ piece, which he pinged me on yesterday, has just ‘gone to press’ but already misses some things — he mentions the great deal that the Chase co-branded British Airways Visa was with a 30,000-mile signup. But the news broke on Tuesday that they were doing a 100,000-mile signup bonus offer.

Fortunately, Chris promises at least six updates over the next six months. And he also includes a brief guide to using Priceline for discount hotels.

I don’t get anything for recommending this, although I should note that the guide recommends my award booking service. And everything Chris writes about you can learn on your own with the time and determination, by following this blog long enough (or lucky’s or Rick’s or spending enough time on Flyertalk). But it’s a good, solid starter guide and well worth $49 for the beginning who wants the basics in a single package.

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  1. Why a book? Why not a subcription website that costs $49 per year and supplies real time updates and changes that can’t be captured in a book.

    Is it that people just want to be publishered? Don’t they realize we live in the Internet age?

  2. @Gary,

    Thanks again for the endorsement! I always enjoy reading VFTW wherever I am in the world.


    Nothing against subscriptions, but I’d rather charge $49 once and provide free ongoing updates (I do that with all my products) instead of charging people every month or year.

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