Citi Improves Prestige, British Airways Offers Leniency, Azul Turns Blue, and Doug Parker Bonuses His Run From Competition (Bits ‘n Pieces for March 25, 2014)

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  1. When you say: “Doug Parker runs from competition”…not sure if that is a swipe at him? I mean, isn’t running routes free of competition the best plan to optimize financial performance? Look at DL in Minny and Detroit. They are pretty happy with that arrangement, no?

  2. OK you suckered me into the listsicle. The only one I found interesting was the one about coffee and tea: “Did you know that the coffee and tea is made from the same water source as the lavatory?”

    Honestly, I don’t know the answer – I can’t ever recall seeing the FA make coffee. But I’ve not seen them dump dozens of plastic bottles into the coffee machine either.

    Plenty of incorrect or just obvious stuff in there as well. My favorite was the baggage guy who said “you’re bag will get wrecked no matter what, but if you put an “I (heart) baggage handlers” tag on it we’ll treat your shit nice.”

  3. It wasn’t actually intended normatively, though I do see how it comes across that way (poor word choice perhaps). It was meant as a strong description of the strategies that have been employed in the past, that we’re seeing already shape up. They don’t go head-to-head in major business markets. They fly almost exclusively to or from their hubs.

  4. This is certainly an improvement in the Citi Prestige card, but I don’t think it’s much of one. Unless they allow TYP to transfer to AA miles, I don’t see the card as being very good at all if your goal is premium cabin redemptions.

  5. I don’t know about the other airports, but LIT is getting the LGA flight to replace the DCA US Air flight we’re losing thanks to the merger. May be the case for some of the other airports on that list as well.

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