Citi Prestige Card Inviting Cardmembers to Choose a Holiday Gift From Tiffany

Citi is sending out year-end gift offers to Prestige cardmembers, though I don’t yet know wehther this is a targeted offer or something sent far and wide. It’s the opportunity to choose a complimentary gift from Tiffany & Co: a pen, a bowl, a platter, tumblers or wine glasses.

Demetrius M. shares the letter he received from Citi.

In a way Tiffany seems an odd choice for Citi because in Breakfast at Tiffany’s it was Diners Club that Holly Golightly fixated on. Well, that and because Citibank sold the North America rights to Diners Club to Bank of Montreal.

Nonetheless a Tiffany gift choice is a nice touch. When Delta acquired Northwest Airlines I received a Tiffany bowl as a gift from SkyMiles. That was doubly sweet – since I had status matched to Northwest before the Worldperks program ended (no more point in ‘saving’ a once in a lifetime matching opportunity).

Do you have a Citi Prestige card? Did you receive a year-end gift choice as well? And if so, does this help make up for the loss of the generous 4th night free hotel benefit?

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  1. Seems targeted. I did not receive one. Also, I don’t get targeted offers or gifts. Just makes those card members who don’t receive them annoyed and confused.

  2. Not happy with Citi Prestige right now, after 4-5 calls of asking for the fourth night credit after 10 weeks of waiting and 3 billing cycles, they ask for basic information like the reservation, amount of bill, etc. I am using their travel agent to book this and they have no integration to even pay the credit. In fairness, this has worked fine many other times but very frustrated this time. Assuming $500 credit posts next week, I’m cancelling and getting most of annual fee back. Not worth taking hours of my time for each credit going forward

  3. Didn’t receive anything yet despite putting $60k on the card YTD. Any clue as to what the targeted criteria is?

  4. I’ll take the travel insurance over this too! My wife canceled her card and I won’t renew either. Really foolish of Citi.

  5. Nothing here either.

    @JL100 – I had a similar experience on a four night booking through the concierge in March. In spite of them booking for me and getting the charge on the card, they spent a month telling me that the credit would come next billing cycle, and then after a couple of cycles, started asking me for proof of stay and payment. Eventually, a check-out statement combined with the credit card statement did the trick but it was much more involved than in the past.

  6. +1 on travel insurance! I won’t book airfare with the Prestige anymore. Will some trinket from Tiffany’s make up for it? Hell no!

  7. Fourth night stays now reliably post after about 10-11 weeks. I wouldn’t worry until 12 weeks have elapsed.

  8. Don’t know what the targeting could be for this one…..$55k in spend on Prestige alone + Citi Private Bank cust. Overall getting very frustrated with Citibank’s lack of customer appreciation. Cutting back on everything. Starting to explore other options for a clean sweep.

  9. This must be Citi’s attempt at avoiding mass cancellations of the card.

    What were they thinking going from the best to reduced benefits to complete take-always of the important benefits.

    I spend plenty with Citi and have not received the offer. Although if it comes by snail mail I wouldn’t know – having been on the road for a while.

    If I don’t receive it, this just makes me more disappointed.

  10. Not only was I not targeted, I’m actually pissed that Citi is deciding to spend their marketing/retention money on buying pieces of useless junk from a brand that has significance in label only. Please guys, this is an awful move.

  11. I may have laughed out loud. Canceled my Prestige and it is the first card I am actually sad about. RIP my favorite card. A possible gift from Tiffany doesn’t create a second of regret.

  12. I didn’t get one but I did get a $75 credit rather randomly this morning via email to use for any hotel booked through Thankyou.

  13. @ JL100.

    No Tiffany offer for me either.

    Also, my last two stay four nights get the third free didn’t go through. I was busy and forgot, Citi then messaged me for more information so they could process. They are probably banking on people getting busy and forgetting.

    Finally, I did get the $75.00 coupon for hotel bookings. BUT, I just tried booking today and the rate after the one night credit was the same as on the Marriott website. So essentially I would only get the $75.00 in value. So much for the fourth night free. Useless.

  14. Clearly it’s a targeted offer. I guess it goes to those of us who put lots of spend in it or no spending at all. Since I don’t fall in either category I guess I won’t be getting one.

  15. Why didn’t I get one? Well, I plan to cancel mine next summer now that I got approved for the Citi Premier card and the Prestige card lost its advantage…

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