Citibank Credit Card Rebates Available On All Cards, Stack With SimplyMiles

Citibank has a card-linked rebate program that’s like Amex Offers, but to date it’s only been available on a limited number of their cards. That’s changed. All of a sudden you’ll find it, for instance, on American Airlines cards and Citi Premier. (HT: Doctor of Credit)

This is especially useful because Citi issues a number of Mastercards, which are eligible to be used with SimplyMiles, the American Airlines-Mastercard card-linked offers that award both AAdvantage miles and credit towards elite status. Sometimes these merchants are also available through shopping portals creating triple stacking opportunities. You can even occasionally earn miles from more than one source while getting all or nearly all of your purchase price rebated.

Right now there’s a few Citi offers standing out to me – three separate offers with Uber.

  • Uber One subscription, $9.99 rebate on $9.99+ spend
  • Uber Eats, $10 rebate on $25+
  • Uber, $5 rebate on $15+

Citi Uber offers stack with SimplyMiles Uber offers that earn both American AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points (status-qualifying) and also with Marriott points-earning.

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  1. So,it’s not on all cards. My spouse’s Milesup has the offers, but mine does not. Also – if you click on restaurant offers (she did), it removes the card from dining miles earnings (such as Mileage Plus Dining), so you can’t double dip on the restaurant stuff. The offer I’m alluding to was 6% off when used at a certain restaurant, which negated the card from the Mileage Plus account.

    Some of the other offers do look good, and it does appear they don’t conflict with Simply Miles offers.

  2. Gary, Citi is not posting these credits for a number of their customers from last month. Chat reps are clueless and says to contact Uber.

  3. I was unable to find “merchant offers” on my account, but when I clicked the link in the article (after already being logged in on my Citi Account) it took me straight to them and I had many Merchant offers for each card.

  4. Typical Citi. I just spent five minutes clicking different links to try to access merchant offers. It would seem like I would get close, but always ended back on the account summary page. I’ll try again in 2025 when they figure out how their systems work.

  5. Lol lol lol the only offer in our Citi Premier account is for the Motley Fool $50 off

    What a … joke(r)

  6. Every time I click on merchant offers it takes me back to the account summary page… and I tried each and every merchant offer link with the same result

  7. Data: I have 2 merchant offers on my Premier card. Doesn’t matter because I have already triple dipped on the Uber SM offers with another MC.
    Also, if you think Citi is bad (I do), they ain’t got nothing on Barclays.

  8. It works, but I found you have to load it, it tells you it doesn’t work, then do it again and it loads the offers.

    It’s located under the Offers For You under the Rewards & Offers tab.

    The most interesting variation I found between the two cards we have is the one I’ve used on SimplyMiles for the offer did not have the offer on Citi. But the other one does, so I can stack. And since we cross-link all our cards, I should be able to get free shipping on our next deal, since I signed up for their free shipping for a year for $50 program. But we’ll see if it lets me do that.

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