Climate Activists Tried To Vandalize Taylor Swift’s Jet – But Went To The Wrong London Airport

The group Just Stop Oil promoted themselves vandalizing Stonehenge – and then the next day, going after Taylor Swift’s private jet at London’s Stansted airport. But – whoops – they went to the wrong London airport. Swift’s jet wasn’t at Stansted. It can be confusing because Ryanair and Jet2 both called Stansted “London” even though it’s about 42 miles away, and because the greater London area also features Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and London City airports.

Many climate activists are more interested in participating in a movement or in de-industrialization rather than protecting the climate. Real environmental protection comes from finding a way to provide for the sort of growth that promotes human well-being consonant with the environment.

People in wealthier countries care more about the environment – because they can afford to. And people won’t vote to make themselves poorer, nor can we morally claim from the West that the poorest parts of the world shouldn’t industrialize – but should remain in their current conditions, without access to food, modern health care, and opportunity. True climate activists should be strong supporters of nuclear power generation.

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  1. If that’s anything but water based paint, that’s severe damage to just one $60M G650 as well as cutting the fence to gain access to the airport. These degenerate psychopaths deserve prison time but of course nothing will happen to them.

  2. While I support the idea of reducing our dependence on petroleum, the methods used by this group needs to be dealt with for what it is – domestic terrorism. Start giving out year long prison sentences and this foolishness will stop.

  3. The Left’s followers are thick blockheads from the get-go .

    Perhaps their intended victim has sympathy with the Left’s causes .

  4. Why does every comment here have to be political? Calling Just Stop Oil leftist is a clueless comment. True, they’re theoretically more aligned to the Labor party, but they have no allegiance with any party in the UK, and compared to the US, both Labor and the Conservative are basically either side of central. Extreme left and extreme right isn’t a significant thing in the UK. Don’t get me wrong, their actions are abhorrent and serve no purpose to their supposed cause, but it’s not a left vs right thing, not everything has to be.

    Swift’s jet did land at Stansted, which is typically the ‘London’ airport used for celebs. The jet then departed a few hours before the protestors broke in. Each of them has been charged with criminal damage (GBP5000), aggravated trespass and interfering with national infrastructure, and appear in court tomorrow. Each charge can carry jail time, the last being the most likely, so chances are good they’ll spend a little, but not enough, time behind bars.

  5. Cutting airport fences and vandalizing aircraft should be punished as domestic terrorism.

  6. This reminds me of a gag on “Dharma and Greg” (only bit of the show I ever saw). Dharma’s dad said he went to the March on Washington, but her mom confessed that he wasn’t there since he got confused and went to Seattle instead.

  7. The terrorists should be imprisoned. Perhaps there is room at Guantanamo Bay so a deal could be made between London and Washington.

  8. Let’s hope people in the UK have more sense than people in the US. Jail time? Please. These protestors could be your sons and daughters. They shouldn’t be locked up.

  9. Your conclusion about nuclear power is oversimplified but your overall assertion that finding solutions rather than just complaining is compelling.

    I do wish that the people equating these fruitcakes with any remotely normal left wing group will similarly accept blame for all the dead kids in the Oklahoma City bombing in the 90’s as both are equally mainstream except the tree huggers didn’t kill anyone.

  10. “…people won’t vote to make themselves poorer”

    This is something that politicians in my home state of California don’t understand.

  11. Gary, bravo: “Many climate activists are more interested in participating in a movement or in de-industrialization rather than protecting the climate.” They just want to be able to think they’ve done something and high-five each other. And, I agree about nuclear. Long after I’m gone, historians will tell the tale of the missed opportunity to use nuclear as a bridge to other sources. And, these idiots, who think they’ll be regarded as heroes, will be a footnote to a footnote.

  12. @pete White “Why does every comment here have to be political?” You are so kind to give us your explanation of these terrorists, I thought I help you. The answer to your question is that thisbisca comments section of a blog on the internet. Not seeing political comments is a rarity. Post a story about a dog who woke his owner and saved his life, and you’ll get a reply about why this means you should vote for X. Welcome to the www.

  13. @simba11, California politicians generally have a good idea how the average voter in California will vote. Years ago Californian voters voted in a gasoline tax on themselves, ostensibly to be used for maintaining the public roads. Of course the funds were diverted by the politicians and our roads in California are often in need of repair. California voters actually will directly vote to make themselves poorer. From the simba11 post [“…people won’t vote to make themselves poorer”

    This is something that politicians in my home state of California don’t understand.]

  14. Nuclear power plants should be a top priority, even though they regretfully consume too much government subsidy.

    They are also a good source for desalination, vital in desert climes like Kalifornia.

  15. I agree with Yin Dao Yan in the comments that they should not be locked up. Too expensive. They should just be caned as would happen in Singapore. That’ll stop crap like this pretty fast.

  16. The people not on the left who make comments are like Sean Connery on SNL Jeopardy who always get the category wrong. I’ll take “Right is Wrong” for $1.

  17. Locked up? Not on my dime. But tasked with keeping a certain part of a city clean and weed free and graffiti free and trashless for a year? Seems like the punishment fits the crime.

  18. Vandals don’t only do damage. They are themselves damaged with their lack of respect for property owned by others.

  19. Calling this domestic terrorism? That strips the meaning out of the definition of terrorism. But if you’re such a snowflake that this kind of graffiti by vandals terrifies you and makes you wet your pants, then you should consider hiding in your underground bunker and not come out anytime soon. Either way, then we know what you should be calling those Tr*mp-loving insurrectionists who were at the US Capitol in January 2021 and what you should be calling their Lord Tr*mp. But will you do so? 😉

  20. “These protestors could be your sons and daughters. They shouldn’t be locked up.”

    Seriously? So, if you had the misfortune to parent one of these idiots they shouldn’t be “locked up” because they’re related? That’s just moronic. They cut fences, broke into an airport, and committed vandalism. They aren’t too bright, either, because they went to the WRONG airport. Yes, there are several airports around London, but I’m an American and even I know that. They should serve jail time, and when the civil actions begin to repaint those planes these loons will really understand the gravity of their actions. How much does it cost to strip and repaint a plane, or to at least seriously clean it up? Yeah, they’ll be paying damages for years

  21. Wonder how these climate warriors are making their way from location to location…

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