Cocktails And No Pants: How One Spirit Airlines Passenger Turned A Flight Into A Fiasco

A passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight reportedly removed his pants and shirt and walked through the aisle while the seatbelt sign remained on. The flight had been delayed for several hours, and the man apparently hadn’t sobered up, but though he was obviously intoxicated at the start of the trip a passenger says that the airline didn’t remove him.

It was perhaps the most Spirit Airlines flight ever, with passengers who figure passengers who can’t find their assigned seats and throwing up and more.

Lesson learned:

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  1. Heading to the airport bar
    Baby don’t be nervous
    No shirt
    No pants
    And I still get service
    I work out

  2. Frequent flyers should recall Gerald Finneran, a Wall Street investment banker, on United Airlines Flight 976 departing from Buenos Aires. He entered the first-class galley, hopped up on the food cart, pulled down his trousers, and perfectly imitated a frozen chocolate ice cream machine in full view of other passengers. Toilet paper is not stocked on aircraft food carts, so to properly wipe his butt, Finneran used the food cart linen napkins to wipe himself for proper sanitation.

    Thank you, Spirit Airlines passengers, for your amateur attempts to win the award for the best in boorish behavior.

  3. Hey Gary,

    nothing to do with this post actually, but your new way of illustrating your articles with IA generated pictures not only look really ugly (and most of the time utterly wrong, seriously, look at where the arm comes from on your post for the O2 saturation), but they also consume way too much power and scarce resources of this planet for me to not let you know.
    Please keep the great posts, please stop the crappy images.


  4. Increasingly, people’s behavior while flying is resembling behavior you might expect to see on public transit of any large American city. An intended consequence of the lowered airfares that came as a result of deregulation.

  5. Have the lowest fares, get the worst passengers. I’m a Spirit Flight Attendant now on 12 month leave. Hopefully I fine a better job soon. We get the worst passengers and usually can’t do anything about it.

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