Code For Free Award Searches With Powerful Tool [Update: EXPIRED]

I’ve written about the best one-stop tool for all of your award booking needs,

  • It lets you search award space across pretty much every airline
  • It shows you the best way to book a flight, with the lowest prices, and which points to use
  • And it even walks you through the process – click by click – of transferring points and creating your booking (this is the past I like the best)

Since they also offer full service concierge booking, and they’re doing an incredible job and are being built by people I greatly respect, I’ve even partnered with them in my own award booking business.

They’ve shared the opportunity to let readers try their service for free. Code VIEWFROMTHEWING is valid for a free day pass.

  • New users only
  • Provides 24 hours of access
  • Must be used prior to 12/31

There’s no gotcha in terms of their paid search service. There is no credit card is required when users register and redeem this code. You don’t have to proactively cancel to avoid getting charged. There are limited redemptions before the code is maxed out.

In some sense making self-service tools that are this easy will be a bummer for the hardcore among us that do the hard work, because it means more members competing for limited seats. But I’m a fan of democratizing a process that airlines have made too opaque, and that credit card issuers haven’t done a good enough job demystifying for their customers.

I also like services that place airline results side-by-side. Airlines that don’t make much saver award space available, and charge exorbitant prices for the best awards, aren’t going to come out looking good. As well they shouldn’t. The ability to compare programs is great for consumers, and for holding the devaluating impulses of programs in check!

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  1. What a goccha! Always plays this game of fake promo by many bloggers wasted time registering with my detail . I am unsubscribing you!

  2. There was a limit, but it shouldn’t have maxed out this quickly, even though I do have a lot of readers. Let me figure out what happened.

  3. thanks. I’ve actually paid for and used it a few times and it really wasn’t that great. Lots of glitches and missed some glaring savings of which I would not have known about unless i checked the particular airlines myself. I actually notified them about three particular “omissions” but they never responded.

    also, there’s no way to search/filter (as of last October) for premium economy, only. They bunch it in with economy

    If they “perfect” it, I’m in for the long haul.

  4. Fail.

    Actually, failed again.

    That’s the third time I’ve attempted to take a look based on a promo coupon for this website.

    There are evidently some glitches in the system.

    It will not accept my email address since it claims that email address is already used (when it isn’t), presumably from an earlier failed attempt to set up a coupon-based access.

    Whilst respecting the complexities of software-driven products / services, I wouldn’t spend any money to access this website on the basis of my experience to date.

    I can only hope that others have a more positive experience and that the service is fantastically successful once de-bugged.

  5. I liked back when it was Juicy Miles, but whatever new system they’re using now just doesn’t get the job done well enough. It misses some really obvious fares hasn’t come up with anything I wouldn’t find myself in the course of ordinary searching. I don’t mind throwing $5 at it from time to time if I’m looking for something specific, but it has yet to make that $5 worth it. It doesn’t feel comprehensive, which is what it needs, or it’s not really of value. If it worked as intended it would be the holy grail.

  6. Is this a way to get emails? Every time a free code is advertised, when I go to use it, it is maxed out. Why offer a code that doesn’t work unless you are trolling for emails? Gary, this is the type of thing you call out in your blog! You can do better.

    The sad thing is I am interested in seeing what this service can do for me, but consistent. non-working promo codes are red flags for me.

  7. @geb: Similar experience to yours. I actually paid and had to cancel because it was so unreliable.

    Maybe the ‘conceierge’ level is the way to go.

    – A

  8. still maxed out on 12/23 so cannot try it
    – looking for competitor to EF since EF now is almost useless for most airlines I fly
    – looking for a good search engine to find upgrade space in U and Z inventory on BA

  9. Seems like a bit of a scam to me-give a non-working code to get people to visit the site, hoping they’ll pay something when they arrive. I actually am quite interested in this type of service but would like to try it out, but this type of business practice makes me think the whole thing is a scam. Sorry–I really want to be positive and like this, especially because Gary is involved with it, but this code, and every other 24 hr free trial code I’ve found have not worked.

  10. Your reply shows that you do not take time to read when and what is written. I wrote almost immediately after it was posted. It did not work then. You replied many days later with a useless comment

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