Congressman Brings Gun Through Airport Security, Police Stores It For Him So He Doesn’t Miss Flight

Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is one of the youngest members of Congress ever, and the first one to be born in the 1990s. He was born in 1995. He’s been accused of flirting with racism and of being a sexual predator. He riled up the crowd that stormed the Capitol on January 6th. But since then he has publicly recognized Joe Biden as President.

It’s only now just come out that Congressman Cawthron tried to board a plane with a gun in February.

TSA found an unloaded Glock 9mm handgun and loaded magazine in his carry on bag. Not only wasn’t he charged with anything, the gun was kept for him at the airport while he traveled and returned to him when he came back because they didn’t want him to miss his flight by taking it back out to his car.

In the recordings, an officer can be heard repeating several times to another officer that there was an elected official found with a gun.

“Elected official, Madison Cawthorn, with a firearm,” he said.

Police then discuss what to do with the gun, at one point saying they might have Cawthorn take it out to his car. Later they say because his flight is in seven minutes, they will secure it.

Like Mel Brooks said as Louis XVI in History Of The World: Part I, “It’s good to be king.” The federal mask mandate, for instance, doesn’t apply to Chip Roy or to John Kerry. And even airlines which took a stand on voting rights after January 6th are back donating to legislators who refused to recognize the results of the 2020 election.

Still, public attention to the special status given to our betters is awkward, and Congressman Cawthorn may now – over five months later – receive a fine and lose PreCheck. But since even that hasn’t happened yet, we’ll see if anyone follows through once the story is forgotten.

(HT: One Mile at a Time)

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  1. “ Still, public attention to the special status given to our betters is awkward…”. Our “betters?” Surely that was high sarcasm.

  2. One huge improvement for our country would be to pass a law that members of Congress are subject to all the laws, rules, regulations the rest of must follow, and that those laws, rules, etc. must be enforced in an equal manner.

  3. Ohhhh, but you failed to mention the Mr. Cawthorn uses a wheelchair and penalties or not they’ll let the little jerk board first first and bypass screening.

  4. Conservative privilege. Seriously this Madison Cawthorn is a piece of work. Most of his rhetoric with regards to the pandemic is dangerous and arguably deadly. He plays to people’s fear and ignorance. Politicians like him are the problem and not the solution.

  5. For once TSA and cops are reasonable in handling an innocent and innocuous occurrence. 50 million people carry concealed on a daily basis. It’s like second nature. This wheelchair bound disabled Representative forgot he didn’t remove it from his bag that he always carries. There are routinely check areas in municipal buildings for things that aren’t allowed like a knife. People can check these items and pick them up when they leave. Cops and TSA have the option to be humans instead of blind enforcers of abusive laws and rules that violate fundamental freedoms.

  6. He is at the security checkpoint seven minutes prior to when the flight is scheduled to depart? Wow.

  7. This guy is a monumental POS. That aside, this is a perfect example of why anyone trying to board a plane with a firearm should be on the No-Fly list for life.
    As an added bonus, any gun nut elected official should be required to allow constituents to enter their office armed.

  8. @ Jackson — Have you ever heard this guy talk? He is literally a moron. He helps keep the average IQ the US below 100.

  9. Why is there not a “no ride” list for behavior on a publicly funded subway or bus but there is a “no fly” list on publicly funded airlines?
    My guess is because upperclass white people still travel by plane but could care less about what happens on the local subways and buses because they don’t use them. Anyone who rides the subway regularly knows that all these recent air rage incidents wouldn’t even cause most people to look up from their phones on the subway.

  10. @Jerry– well, you’re right. But how would everyone on a subway train be checked against a no-ride list? And there’s obviously a big difference between 75 people on a subway train and 120+ people 39,000 feet in the air. And believe me- the majority of people on flights I’ve been on are far from “upper class white people”; maybe former Greyhound Bus people.

  11. JimC- Airlines used to be as easy to board as a subway. And the upper class whites don’t want the greyhound riders on “their” means of transport. That’s why they want a no fly list for mean people.

  12. WHAT you all do not know is that they treated him like any one else in that county. That county are a bunch of IDIOTS they slap you on the wrist and let you go IF you were in NYC they would drag you out in handcuffs and put u in jail But there it is like you took a water bottle by mistake.

    It is like the Idiots from Texas who carry a gun while driving to Alaska. They get stopped in Canada and say they have a permit to carry. But in Canada this is not allowed. Just because you have a permit to carry in one state does NOT give you the authority to carry in another Country, State or on a Plane.
    CAN NOT CURE STUPID. —– This should be a FEDERAL crime since they are trying to bring a gun onto a plane., not a local city, town or county crime that says it is ok.

  13. @Jackson Waterson
    >There are routinely check areas in municipal buildings for things that aren’t allowed like a knife.
    > People can check these items and pick them up when they leave.

    Uh, not in the cities and states I routinely travel to. Weapon lockers? You must live in a special city.

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