Conrad Hilton Arrested: Went Berserk on London – Los Angeles Flight

Years ago I remember seeing somewhere online ‘the Paris Hilton video’… an animated version of the Hilton hotel leaning over to kiss the Eiffel Tower.

Unfortunately, is neither animated nor cute. Paris Hilton’s brother, 20 year old Conrad Hilton — named for the family patriarch, founder of the hotel chain, and the man for whom the Conrad brand is dedicated — apparently has been arrested for an incident where he went berserk on a flight.

He apparently yelled things like, “If you wanna square up to me bro, then bring it and I will [redacted] fight you.” and “I will [redacted] own anyone on this flight; they are [redacted] peasants.”

Hilton is said to have started punching the bulkhead, near a flight attendant’s face and to have grabbed a flight attendant’s shirt declaring,

“I could get you all fired in 5 minutes. I know your boss! My father will pay this out. He has done it before. Dad paid $300k last time.”

This passenger then fell asleep, and was handcuffed to his seat.

The incident apparently happened over the summer, and he was just now arrested. His attorney says that he ‘took a sleeping pill’ before the flight, and that’s to blame. There’s no explanation, though, of how this accounts for the smell of marijuana coming from the lavatory when he was in there.

Three years ago he was in a car crash and found with wine and medical marijuana (he was 17). He was later arrested for violating probation.

Don’t try this on your next flight at least unless Robert Shapiro represents you, too.

(HT: Alan H.)

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  1. Passengers will a history of physical violence should be on a no-
    fly list. Passenger safety issue. If Daddy paid $300,00 last time,
    then this young man should fly in Daddy’s private jet.

  2. At least the Hilton family is interesting
    What can the Marriott family claim?:)
    And I’ll be he gets upgraded at their hotels consistently
    But I doubt he can get the kind of public attention and interest a Paris Hilton sex video will generate
    All kidding aside a guy like that sadly should have a friend and role model to learn from
    He has so much to be thankful for and probably doesn’t have a clue off how to find happiness in life
    So sad really

  3. I said before that Paris Hilton is a great argument for raising the estate tax. Looks like her brother is another.

  4. wonderful parenting evidently, they must be proud of those two, i’d donate their inheritance to the Tibetan Buddhists, and ask them to provide lessons in return, non attachment, humility, and respect, it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the world, if your offspring head out and let the world know how unhappy you are, and what a failure their parents have been, then what’s the cash worth, just classless. The Hiltons are without any class, poor Conrad senior, is probably rolling in his grave.

  5. As Jack Ma puts it: If you have a million dollars it’s yours; if you have a billion dollars it’s not yours; it’s a trust society has given you because they think you can do more good with those resources than anyone else, including the government.

    Maybe a million is a little low, but once you’re in the billions, Ma has the right idea; it’s a trust. Gates and Buffet come to mind; not Hilton.

    Too bad, hopefully those kids get their act together and prove the trust.

  6. According to Wiki, great-granddad set up a foundation, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, for his few billions with son Barron pledging a similar among, upon his death. Since 2007, the real owner of the Hilton Hotels Corporation is The Blackstone Group, private equity firm. Even with America clueless ghetto president, Hilton Worldwide has grown.

  7. This punk deserves a few years behind bars from the sound of things. But I bet dollars to doughnuts we read about this twerp wrapping his car around a tree and killing everyone but himself…

    I bet old Conrad would roll in his grave if he knew what his namesake and his twat of a sister have done with their lives…

  8. Just another reason to avoid flying first class with the no class folks like Conrad. Although the Hilton fortune started in Texas, there is sufficient cause for Texas to revoke Conrad’s passport and rename the city of Paris.

  9. Ah to be young and wealthy again. “Progress”

    Whereas these incidents used to take place on the bus between college campuses or in dad’s car while being dropped off at the Dorm. Now they are occurring with strangers in metal tubes floating over oceans.

    I love how they handcuffed him to the seat. Doesn’t junior know that daddy doesn’t own the metal tubes?

    Kid just needs to learn that he doesn’t own the people around him. Hard lesson for some in today’s “America”.

  10. Oh and I’ve never stayed at a Hilton in my life so I can “honestly” say I’ve never paid a nickel towards any of this.

    And i don’t watch “reality” television so I have no idea who Paris Hilton is other than from her name being quoted on the Internet.

    But that’s just me. I’ve met people in life of course who share some traits .

    This is why it really is important in some ways with whom you spend your dollars and cents.

  11. The sad reality, though, is that young Conrad will probably feel little to no impact from his actions. So there’s a trial at which he’ll need to appear every now and then, interrupting him from his Billy Madison lifestyle. Then he’ll just go right back to doing whatever it is he does.

  12. Is this little punk the reason Conrad Hotels went up from 30K Hilton H Honors points to 80K for a free night?

    What a jerk!

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