Controversial Instagram Reel Of Older People Riding Suitcases Sparks Debate [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Love this and hate this at the same time.

  • U.S. partially lifts sanctions on Venezuela’s Conviasa so that the airline can be used by countries wanting to deport people back to Venezuela.

  • Sara Nelson, who nearly led the entire AFL-CIO and has the ear of the Democrat-Left, fails to use her platform to push for streamlined security. But she thinks you should tip her members with chocolate.

  • It always strikes me funny when the head of the very white, well-heeled Delta Air Lines pilot union talks as though he’s leading the People’s Commissariat for Agriculture. Workers of the world, unite! (United Airlines was once run as a worker collective.)

    “The management talks about the Delta family as part of our corporate culture, but it’s the employees who are the true long-term stakeholders at our airline,” said Delta MEC chair Capt. Darren Hartmann. “Frontline workers have a collective interest in supporting each other’s goals and helping address issues that we all face. There is truly strength in numbers. This is the first in a series of ongoing meetings and other opportunities to support our fellow employees. While the pilots and dispatchers have the benefit of contractual protections, we understand the uphill battle union organizers face when trying to connect with Delta’s frontline workers. Delta management has historically fought off unionization efforts with platitudes of a corporate culture that fosters a ‘direct relationship’ with its workers. However, it is union-negotiated contracts that protect employees’ pay, working conditions, and a sustainable work/life balance from a management team that may be more interested in the shareholders’ bottom line.”

  • New Pacific, formerly Northern Pacific, now flies Ontario, California to Reno

  • Southwest flights now bookable through Chase travel portal no need to call, but check to see whether fares are higher than through Southwest’s website.

  • United’s unions wrote to DOT asking the airline not get its requested Haneda slot because they don’t like the airline’s Emirates codeshare, and the airline isn’t giving them anything extra to support the shift of Houston service to the close-in airport.

  • Amazeballs.

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  1. I think it’s sad what people find entertaining these days. There’s nothing controversial but it’s just sad … this article only highlights it. Thanks Gary

  2. Sara Nelson is a joke. Signed, a FA that is represented by AFA and like it but not the leadership nor political leaning.

  3. If trying to book through Chase, if Southwest fares are more expensive than on their website, can we call Chase to get the lower fare?

  4. I’m just glad my points transferred with the additional discount that was being offered and I ended up getting great flights.

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