Couple Breaks Up At The Start Of A Flight, And I Can’t Look Away

You fire someone on Friday afternoon, not Monday morning. And you escort them out of the building, you don’t want them going all Michael Douglas in Falling Down inside your offices.

There are simple lessons about human nature and emotional events. We need time and space to process them, and when we’re caged in after receiving a blow sometimes we lash out.

Airline flights can be combustible – with videos going viral in social media all the time – because people are brought together from different circumstances, but each with their own baggage, and trapped inside a metal tube from which they cannot escape. Indeed, they can’t get more than even a few inches of space!

Which is why maybe the only worse possible time in the world to break up with someone than on a plane is actually at the start of a flight when they’re still right next to you and neither of you can leave for hours?

Maybe the man who broke up with his girlfriend recently on a flight, leading to viral videos of a meltdown, thought ‘breaking up in public’ is a way to keep things from getting heated? If so he didn’t think through this well. Here a flight attendant and airline employee try to restrain the woman. She collapses to the ground and screams:

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It’s not clear from the video whether the passenger was removed or continued with the flight. Any reaction short of this, though, and the couple would clearly be in for a long time mere inches apart.

I suppose the only possible argument for breaking up on a plane – where conflict can turn dangerous and flights can divert – is that if your partner is going to get violent you have other passengers to step in, and their violence is a matter for federal law enforcement. But then maybe you’d get the same or better protection breaking up via text instead?

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  1. Firing someone on Friday afternoon is not always the best course of action. It can lead to feelings of helplessness (can’t interview, call contacts, etc.) and depression that can simmer over the weekend and then boil over on Monday morning. There is no perfect solution.

  2. breaking up is never fun but you have to wonder how she thinks a very public outburst on her part convinces anyone how bad he was.

  3. Dude – Why not do this on a Cruise while you’re at it?

    (Also: This ultimately was the best decision he ever made. No reason…)

  4. Rule number 1 in relationships is stay away from the crazy ones. This guy obviously caught a break ditching this one.

  5. Experts in the Human Resources field will tell you never to terminate someone on a Friday afternoon.

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