Couple Drank 3 Bottles of Wine in Cab to Airport, Missed Honeymoon Flight

There are dumb drunk passengers stories, extremely dumb drunk passenger stories, and then there’s this one about a couple headed to the airport to catch a 7:15 p.m. flight to Malta for their honeymoon in a story that Wild About Travel just shared.

Thirty nine year old Darren Stanway and his new spouse 34 year old Nadia reportedly took a 17 mile taxi ride to Manchester airport in the UK during which they consumed 3 bottles of wine.

They missed their flight and got into an argument.

A worker at Terminal Three at Manchester Airport encountered a drunken Mrs Stanway complaining about her husband’s aggressive behaviour whilst he was overheard shouting: “Stupid b****h – it’s all your fault”.

But they weren’t done drinking because apparently Mr. Stanway then went to the bar. That’s where police found him. And he told them, “I’m going to f***ing sit here and drink my f***ing beer – I know I’m in control of my f***ing behaviour.”

This all happened July 28, but the story is being covered since the couple had their day in court last month. Where the husband used the opportunity to defend himself by laying blame on his wife.

Defending himself, Stanway who has previous convictions for public order offences, threatening criminal damage and common assault said: “My wife drank three bottles of wine in the taxi on our way to the airport and I thought she had drunk one.

“Thing is she drinks wine same as when I drink vodka and whisky and she gets silly thoughts in her head.

…It started at customs. She was getting it in her head that I didn’t want to be with her or go on holiday with her. I was like: ‘I have just married you I don’t understand where she got all these tweaks in her head’.

And he explained away his cursing at the responding officers as the result of a previous injury to his ankle claiming that the police officer “stood on my ankle” forcing him to become abusive. And in the future he promises that his wife won’t be allowed to drink wine when she flies but he maintains he wasn’t drunk.

Of course this happened to passengers booked to fly Manchester – Malta, a route served only by Ryanair and easyJet…

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  1. Could we please have more useful information on this blog and NO tabloid stories. If there is no news/updates related to actual travel industry……then let the day go by in silence.

  2. Gary – I like these random stories of………well,…….imbeciles, morons, stooges and fools once in a while, when it focus’s on travel.

    Just like Mrs Stanway’s approach to drinking wine, keep ’em coming.

  3. The tabloid stories are the sole reason why I follow this blog. If I were here for trip reviews or credit card hawking then I’d read OMAAT or TPG.

  4. What a lovely looking couple. Reminds of folks flying on Spirit and on United’s basic economy tickets. Just walk by the Spirit baggage claim in Las Vegas and you’ll see 100 people that look just like this couple.

  5. Such a fill in the blank with these stories which seem to appear bi-weekly.

    A newly wed, or members of a stag party, hen party, girls trip, or lads trip flying on EasyJet, RyanAir, Thompson, Monarch or other LCC or charter type airline departing from Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds-Bradford or another non-London UK airport going to Ibiza, Marbella, Malta, Tenerife or other southern Europe leisure destination had too much wine, beer, cider, vodka Red Bulls or vodka cranberry was arrested for disorderly behavio(u)r or making a mess in the airport gate area, airport bar, airplane aisle, seat, lavatory, etc.

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