Couple Sues DoubleTree Hotel, Says They Were Being Watched Having Sex In Their Room

A 35 year old married couple is suing the DoubleTree Denver Stapleton North because they believe they were spied on while having sex inside the room.

When Nathan opened the door on the morning of Sept. 11, 2019, he said he discovered the door’s peephole laying on the floor of the hallway outside his room.

“When I opened the door and I looked at it from the outside, I could tell that there was a smudge mark where somebody’s face and handprints were up on the door. Clearly they were peeking into our room,” said Nathan Parks.

The wife says whomever was looking in might have captured “intimate moments” or naked time at the oh so sexy DoubleTree Stapleton.

According to the hotel, they reviewed security footage and believe that no one was looking in the guest room while they were there.

DoubleTree Denver Stapleton North, Credit: Hilton

Now, I’ve had poorly maintained peep holes before. A previous guest had stuffed a tissue into the hole, and housekeeping just left it there. That was at a full service Marriott. So I’m inclined to suspect this DoubleTree was just underinvesting in maintenance, though it’s good to hear this husband and wife are still connecting whether they’re being watched or not.

I’ve written about plenty of cases of video surreptitiously hidden in hotel rooms and also inside of Airbnb accommodations. It turns out that in South Korea there was even a paid subscription website where people could watch guests in their hotel rooms.

Here’s how to check your room to know if you’re being spied on. And here’s how Erin Andrews makes sure no one is spying on her (again).

This isn’t even the first time I’ve written about a lawsuit against a Hilton property, in a previous incident a woman claimed a hotel employee videotaped her in the shower and used the photos to blackmail her.

I suppose one hidden upside to low hotel occupancy rates currently is fewer people being spied on in their rooms, though on the other hand they’re stuck at home lacking privacy from their kids.

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  1. Anyone who does that (using hidden cameras, etc.) should be severely punished but I have to admit my first thought is that this is some kind of couple that is seeking attention for a blog, online business, etc. to make a quick buck. Hopefully I’m wrong but I think most people if this happened to them would file a lawsuit/criminal complaint and would prefer to hide their identities and not put themselves out there for the world to see.

  2. Unless the peeper was watching all night, how would they know the couple were having sex…ah they were probably being very loud.

    There’s nothing like blaming the hotel for one’s own noise pollution/pleasure. More COVID-timed litigation.

  3. If they’re anything like my typical neighbors in hotels, they were so damned loud I went to the door to try and interrupt them because it’s 3am not time for porn star sex I have a meeting at 8 and need to sleep

  4. So because it’s an old airport hotel location means that this is ok? You’re snide ‘oh so sexy’ remark is inappropriate.

  5. anyone can sue. when they find out that if they lose they will likely owe the hotel their attorney costs, they might run like hell and drop that case!

  6. @John what on earth are you talking about? I’m married and have sex a few times a week.

  7. “According to the hotel, they reviewed security footage and believe that no one was looking in the guest room while they were there.” Well if they have the video footage showing nobody peeked in then I hope this couple is held responsible for the legal fees.

  8. @Jeff, @Bill: In America you pay the costs of your own defense. Only in extremely rare circumstances, specifically authorized in law, can fee
    shifting to the losing party occur. This is a well known difference between our system and most other western countries.

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