Court Rules “Too Hot To Handle” Stars Must Pay $800+ To Each Flight Attendant He Abused Inflight

Three passengers on the February 7, 2021 British Airways Miami – London Heathrow flight have been fined for their behavior on board – and the court ruled they must even compensate the flight attendants they abused.

Enroute back from Turks & Caicos where they had been filming the Netflix reality show “Too Hot To Handle,” the group was tossing back margaritas in the airport. Then on board two members of the group were “kissing and behaving intimately.” And since face masks would get in the way, they wouldn’t wear those either.

As Beaux Greenslade and Harry Johnson appeared ready to take their inflight romp to Mile High levels mid-cabin, flight attendants intervened. They also cut the group off from alcohol, which is when things really began going down hill.

The trio included Matthew Mahwinney, He’s the son of Patricia Janet Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations which is an association made up largely of ex-British territory nations. She’s also former Attorney General for England and Wales. He made sure crew knew this.

Mahwinney also declared I am a Diamond Guest “I’m a gold card holder – go and get me a drink.” He was given a warning by the flight’s captain – presumably a British Airways ‘yellow card’ – which he three across the cabin in an act of defiance. He then… started exercising in the aisle (while the seat belt sign was on).

The two more amorous group members started abusing the crew, making threats to their livelihood, and dropping f-bombs. You can read the Daily Mail if you want the full dirtyexcuse rather than an admission) and that theoretically could have influenced how he acted, though it’s not clear a scientific connection was even being drawn by his counsel. The attorney also argued that because they’re reality stars the fame went to their head and they should be given more of a pass.

They did in fact get something of a pass, with the judge citing the stresses of lockdown and the pandemic. So Mahwinney may not have been wrong to suggest on board that little would happen to him for his behavior as the son of an important politician in London.

What’s unique here though is that in addition to $2000 fines, each of the 3 Netflix Originals was ordered to pay $691 apiece to the two flight attendant victims, plus victim surcharges, and an additional fine for refusing to wear a mask.

Compensating the people you harm – as opposed to paying fines to the government, as though they’re the aggrieved party – is something that should happen more frequently.

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  2. @CR, you, like all of us who read this Springer trash, suffer from basic reading comprehension skills. The FAs were not compensated for money they spent but abuse endured. I’m simply requesting like compensation. You get it now?

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