Crazy Delta First Class Passenger Attacks The Snack Basket, Tries To Open Plane Door

A passenger on board Delta’s flight 316 from Atlanta to Seattle on Friday attacked the first class snack basket, hit a flight attendant and tried to open the aircraft door (which at pressurized altitude he naturally could not do). The man was restrained and cuffed, and the flight continued its journey to the Emerald City.

There is video of the man being taken off the aircraft by police in Seattle, filmed by former The Bachelor contestant Matt James, who was on the aircraft.

In his Instagram story about the incident, James suggested that he “jump[ed] up to try to save the day” but reportedly someone that probably wasn’t James “came from the back of the plane to help,” did not “participate in restraining” and “[m]ostly just made it more difficult for the [flight attendant] to get the tuff cuffs by being present.”

According to Delta Air Lines,

I can confirm that there was an incident involving an unruly customer on DL316 last Friday.

We have zero tolerance for unruly behavior on our aircraft, especially towards our people and customers.

It’s not clear what about the Delta first class snacks set the passenger off, why he was angry at the crewmember, or why he became hangry enough to want off the plane mid-air. However a passenger who says they were seated ahead of the man on the aircraft attributes it to his being over-served alcohol,

I was seated in seat 1a, just directly in front of him to the left. He was acting odd as soon as he got on the plane, I noticed. The guy next to me and I exchanged a few looks every time he would shout. And they just kept bringing him more and more little bottles of alcohol. He got up from the plane, demanding more alcohol and said that they weren’t pouring it fast enough. He punched the guy next to me. And proceeded to try to open the door. I was absolutely amazed that so many men got up and wrestled him to the ground as fast as they did.

I guess if I drank too much I might need more snacks, too?

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  1. I was on a flight a few weeks ago and they had no Biscoff cookies in the basket. Only snacks that somebody wearing flip-flops and a man bun would eat. So I kinda understand this guy‘s reaction.

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